Monday, September 12, 2011


She’s perfect.

I know that now.  Remember how bent out of shape I was (trying not to be) about her hemangioma last summer?

hemangioma edit
The hemangioma is almost non-existent at this point….or maybe I’m just so used to it, and it’s just part of her, and I don’t notice it anymore.

Regardless, what a lesson I learned with that.  My daughter is fearfully and wonderfully made – perfect in her “imperfection.”

I’m holding to that truth more now than ever.

Since she began walking in July, we have noticed a worsening condition with Erin’s left leg/foot.  Initially, we, and the doctor that saw her at her 15 month well visit, thought she might outgrow the "pigeon-toed" gait she'd developed, but it has not improved, and now that we are getting into a season where she will need to be in close-toed shoes, we had her reevaluated.

Her regular pediatrician definitely was concerned, and pulled some strings to get us an appointment at Vanderbilt for mid-October.  We are thankful that this doctor has taken Erin's case, as most pediatric orthos, according to my pediatrician, do not see children before age 2 just due to the high percentage of kids that outgrow the issue.

As a mom, it is heartbreaking to watch your child struggle.  And while Erin does not appear to be in pain, since she can't communicate with us verbally, I still wonder if she is hurting, confused, etc.

I’m thankful that we have a game plan now.  I trust that this orthopedic surgeon will be able to diagnose what is wrong with Erin’s foot, and give us a plan of action to ensure that she has full function as she grows.  I know that no matter what the coming months hold for us, and our girl, that those little crooked feet walked her into my heart 16 months ago, and there she’ll always stay.


Tiffany said...

Gosh, you're the best mom ever! Aw. That last part made me tear up!

Emily said...

We went through this with my older son. He saw the orthopedist at 15 months. When we got to the orthopedist, she told me his pigeon-toed gait was because his legs bowed more than kids' normally do at that age. He also has a slight curve/twist to his shin bone that didn't help matters.

We had to get some x-rays done, which showed that it likely wasn't an issue with his growth plates, and he would probably outgrow it. We've had to do a few follow-ups over the past year and a half, but we've officially been released from the ortho's care unless we notice any more problems.

I hope it's nothing and she'll out grow it with no (or minimal) help. Good luck!

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Kendra said...

Oh Monica, I had no idea!

Well I will be praying for sure. I too am glad to hear that your ped was able to get her to see an ortho.

Please keep me updated!