Friday, September 16, 2011

Vacation: Wednesday

Oh, Wednesday.  What an education you gave us.

Not that we shouldn’t already have known not to try to mini-golf during naptime when it is 101 degrees.  (Don’t let their smiles deceive you; we were miserable.)

vacation (27) vacation 126 vacation (6)vacation 128

Fading fast….I think she was on the ground by the second hole.
 vacation 130

Giving up.  Sara and I retreated into the AC’ed indoors with the girls while the boys trudged on.  (We were very grateful that the proprietor refunded Sara, Tabitha, and my fares.)

vacation 131

Clever planning…there was a dairy barn (as in ice cream, not as in cows) right next to the course, so off we went for milkshakes and sundaes.

vacation 132

vacation 134 vacation 135 vacation 136

Home again, home again, time to cool off!  Yea for Slip-n-Slides!

vacation 139

vacation 140 vacation 141

We finally made the kids come indoors to cool off, bribing them with Despicable Me and balloons.

vacation 147
So proud of Jim – he only got on the computer once all week!  A real vacation!  Who would have thought!

vacation 153 
After-dinner fun.  Sidewalk chalk on the deck, and an epic (if not unfair?) water balloon fight.

vacation 154 vacation 156vacation 159 vacation 157 vacation 158 vacation 161 vacation 162
Then some hot tub fun as the sun went down…..finally.
 vacation 163  vacation 173 vacation 175 vacation 178 vacation 179 vacation 183vacation (4)

And the most perfect fire.  Ever.  All set to roast campfire bananas.  Which, according to Doug are “good.”  (He added an adjective before good, but this is a G-rated blog. ;) ha!)

vacation (1) 
We were supposed to go to a local ranch for a hayride that night, but they ended up cancelling, and I think our improvised family fun night was just as great.

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