Friday, September 30, 2011


  1. early morning goodbye kisses from Jim
  2. plaid-clad little boys drinking chocolate milk in my bed
  3. well wishes filling up my Facebook page
  4. traditional "happy birthday" sounds coming across the Verizon waves from Las Vegas
  5. skinny machiatto creamer in my coffee
  6. Erin learning how to blow her nose
  7. free Firehouse sub sandwich for lunch
  8. 60 degrees and sunny
  9. open windows
  10. frosted pumpkin candles lit on the bannister
  11. shiny new dangly earrings
  12. another 2 pounds gone
  13. anticipation of a day of antiquing with my sweet Tiffany
  14. Chris Tomlin on the radio
  15. mini pumpkins
  16. sweet e-cards from my daddy
  17. sharing good news with family
  18. a full night of sleep
  19. building a beautiful life with a guy I love
  20. flyaway blonde curls on my baby
  21. three-year-old determination to make bubbles in the potty "just like Daddy"
  22. naked chicken fajita burrito from Qdoba
  23. BOGO Yankee Candle coupons
  24. my favorite magenta sweater and too-loose jeans
  25. Erin's crooked gait
  26. Seth quoting "God made me wonderfully, totally beautiful"
  27. anticipation of Lake homecoming and good times at Fricker's
  28. mums and gourds for my porch
  29. finding my sunglasses
  30. quilted pillow shams
  31. another year to enjoy the life I've been so blessed with
Happy 31st birthday to me.  A list of 31 things I'm thankful for today doesn't begin to scratch the surface of the abundance of my riches.  I hope each of you reading this is blessed even a fraction of what I am.


Kate said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Love! Soak it in sister! =)

Brian and Amy Yohe said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Friend!

Kendra said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday sweet friend! May this year be full of God's blessings as well.