Saturday, September 17, 2011

Vacation: Thursday

Sadly enough, Thursday unexpectedly became our last day of vacation. =(  I woke up very sick Thursday morning, and it all went downhill from there.  Downhill as in I spent the morning on the phone with my colorectal surgeon in Tennessee.  Good times, people.  Good times.

However, the rest of our clan had a great day.

Jim and Sara took Seth and birthday-boy Zeke horseback riding while Doug took Micah and Tabitha hiking (Erin, thank you, Jesus, took a long nap for me!).

vacation (29) vacation (2) vacation (5) vacation (9) vacation (23) vacation (24) vacation (26)

After a morning of “natural” fun, it was time for aquatic fun, and everybody headed to the nearby state park and the awesome pools there.

vacation (17) vacation (3) vacation (12) vacation (16)
You’d think the kiddos would have been tired after all of that, but…well, we forgot to order a side of “perfect world environment” when we booked our cabin. ;)  Thankfully, the kiddos were pretty good when they got home, and we were able to get packed up and cleaned up in record time.

vacation 218 vacation 184 vacation 185 vacation 208 vacation 210 vacation 211 
Finally, after dinner, it was time for birthday Jell-O and s’mores.
 vacation 221  vacation 227 vacation 230 vacation (25)vacation 231 vacation 234 vacation 240 
Baths to wash off the marshmallow, comfy jammies to ride home in, and goodbye hugs at the car door to send us on our way, and the joint adventure that was the first annual G/B vacation drew to a close.

I’m not sure that we’ll try for the sequel immediately in 2012, but we are looking forward to our next family vacation with our besties.  The boys want to try the beach next time….only time will tell!)

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