Tuesday, December 11, 2007

No, he's not here. Sit tight.

First of all, apologies for going AWOL the last few days. It was a rough weekend for this mommy-to-be.

Here is where we stand as of Tuesday afternoon:

Yesterday, Dr. Gibbs said Sprout will be here within the week. Before you ask,
I have no idea what that means, specifically. I don't know if that means c-section, induction, more tests, just wait-it-out. I don't know. So please, to spare me from repeating that lovely "idk" phrase, please just take that statement at face value.

I had
labwork drawn this morning; again, I didn't ask for specifics. I'm assuming it's the same panel I've been having drawn every few days.

Sprout also had another biophysical profile this morning. He did much, much better today than he did at last Tuesday's
BPP. He passed with flying colors in the first 13 minutes -- he didn't even need the full 30 minutes. Most importantly, his "practice breathing" was good. This is critical, as he is still tiny. Again, they were not supposed to be taking weight and height measurements, but we did discuss that he is still about 3 weeks behind -- the "estimated due date" that kept popping up on the screen as she was measuring his belly, legs, and head was averaging around January 21. No worries; it just means he is tiny.

I have been able to keep my pressure down today -- last reading was 138/83...which is sad that that is "down," but hey, we'll take it over the 159/97 I was running yesterday.

Ugh. Yesterday was AWFUL. Dr. Gibbs finally ordered a shot of
Demarol, just to get me some rest. (It didn't work, but between that and my nightly Ambien, I felt pretty human this morning when I woke up.)

So....here I sit. I'm prepared for anything at this point. If the labs are bad....maybe
induction tomorrow? Maybe a c-section? If the labs are unchanged from the weekend, I'd really like to see Monday. But, it is ultimately not up to me. We'll see what Dr. Gibbs wants....not to mention how Sprout feels about this whole thing.

Thanks, all, for reading and for keeping the encouragement coming. We'll keep you updated!


Anonymous said...

He'll be here before you know it! Just get some rest and stay well.

Unknown said...

I'm glad things have settled down today...at least for a bit. What a wonderful blog! Kim gave me the address the other day and I have read up to the present. Take care.