Saturday, December 1, 2007


Greetings from room 355, home until it's time to push. =)

A lot has actually transpired between when I last posted and now...I was hesitant to update too much, because things seemed to be changing by the hour (which is pretty much par for the course for this pregnancy).

But I reveal a few things with authority:

I have preeclampsia, and it just sucks up one side and down the other. Thankfully, I am getting phenomenal care, and being here in the hospital means that as things (potentially) get worse, they will be caught ASAP.

I will be here in the hospital until I deliver. Feel free to start the baby pool, because most likely delivery will be no later than December 17 or 18. 38w is Dr. Gibbs magical number, and even if Sprout is comfy cozy hanging out, induction has already been discussed. (Yea!)

I am excited!!! As horrible as I feel, physically, it hit me a little while ago that the next time I walk through my front door, I will have a baby boy with me! This has been such a long, hard road, and I've struggled very hard in the last week not to get caught up in self-pity....but now the end is very near, and I just cant wait to meet my son.

Jim is holding up pretty well; I think we are both feeling a little overwhelmed by the list of things that still need to be accomplished before Sprout and I return home. We need to straighten out some medical bill snafu from July; cancel our previously decided-upon daycare arrangements and get our down payment back; install the car seat; get the 3 to the Mazda dealership to have my taillight replaced....all little, trivial things, really, in the grand scheme of things, but the combination of Jim's responsible streak and my type-A personality make even stuff like that a big deal.

I'm fading fast under the influence of some Percocet, but I will close with a couple thoughts, directed mostly at those readers who are local:

Please come visit me. I would welcome the company, and I know Jim will feel better about being at work all day if he doesn't have to picture me all lonely and miserable.

Please check in on Jim. I'm sure that it will be rough on him to spend the day at work, spend a couple hours with me at the hospital, and then go home to an empty house. A house, mind you, that he is now in charge of keeping clean and in order until my return.

I'm sure there was more I wanted to say, but again, the room is spinning a little, and I may even need to send Jim in search of one of those lovely pink tubs for my bedside...I'm not sure, but I think that is a good idea, so with that, I probably should close, at least until tomorrow.

Thank you all for the prayers that I know are being offered up on behalf of our family. I have no doubt they have helped to keep Sprout and I safe thus far, and we appreciate you.


Unknown said...

Hi Monica,
Thank you for the update, I was worried about you. We will be praying for you, Jim, and Sprout.

Michelle Burdick

Mandie Lane said...

Oh, Monica! I'm so excited for you. Hang in there and enjoy that world class hospital service. ;) Big huge hugs headed your way, as always.