Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sara Jean, this one's for you...

As the Tic is hooking me up for my NST tonight, she forgets to enter something into the system, and the little alarm bell goes off. Her response:

"Oh! Ooops!"
(And then she proceeds to explain to me what she did wrong.) "You know it's pretty bad when the machine has to remind you how to do your job. Hah, hah."

Simmer down, SJ. She is off at 11; I only have to survive 2 hours of "care" and Ambien is on the way. Nighty-night!


mldsoccer3 said...

i am loving reading your blogs! :) you are cracking me up. spoken like a true woman ready to get that baby out! lol it sounds a lot like my time in the hospital with caleb. i was there for 3wks before he was born, so i feel for you! right down to the constant NST to the braxton hicks vs contractions, etc. too funny. i didn't realize you were on a forum like place too! i got on a mom one on accident (i was looking for medical advice on caleb and found it. he was only like 6mo at the time!). i love it though, it's been my sanity through so many things! i've actually met a bunch of the girls, and i got a friend from college hooked too, so she's on there too. :) keep up the blogs, i really do love reading them, you definitely have a gift with the writing flair! :) at least i know what NOT to do and say when i become a nurse! lol :)

Anonymous said...

Y'know, maybe you should look at her and say "sometimes it's better to say nothing at makes your patients more comfortable."

OMG, I'd smack her. You have way more self-control than I do.

At least she talks to you, my day nurse in L&D would barely say 3 words to me and NEVER smiled, not even once. She didn't even call transport for me when I was discharged, the head nurse had to after we got tired of waiting for over an hour and left the room ourselves.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! That was seriously one for me. I'm about ready to come up there & camp in your room. Sweet heavens. Perhaps she needs an RN refresher course! *eye roll*