Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

But things aren't half bad in Room 355.

Thanks so much Mom and Greg, for the roses; Jenny and John for the daisies; and Marybeth and Brad for the roses
and daises. It has made such a difference in the room -- all my visitors have even commented. If I weren't overwhelmed by the thought of all I'll have to take home in a week or two (the least of which is our SON!), I'd ask Jim to set up a small tree. (After all, what is Christmas without a tree?!) But as an alternative, the flowers are a blessing. Thank you all so much!

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Karen At Home Blog said...

I can not believe you are blogging from your room!!! How amazing!!! I just wanted to congratulate you on the upcoming birth of your son. I have followed your story from the PL board and am so happy for you. Good luck and happy holidays!!!