Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Father's Heart

When I received this letter last week on my birthday, I debated posting it. After all, it's fairly private, and not all of it will make sense to most people. But since it was sent by (unconventional for him) way of an e-card, I needed to put it somewhere a little more permanent and accessible (for me).

So here, dear reader, is a glimpse into my father's love for me:

My dear Sam !

There is not a new word that could ever be discovered to tell you just how much a part of me you have been since the day you were born.

I have been so blessed by the Lord to know the joy of having you centered in my heart for 28 years. If I could have told you over the years just what a difference you have made in my life, you could never have understood it better than you do right now.

IFfsomeone tried to explain your dad without knowing you they would be wrong. I guess that is why the name "Monica's Dad" always meant so much to me. It was closer to who I am than any description could possibly be. If someone thinks of me and does not know of your "Duck," they would never know how I got to be who I am. You and "Duck" are quite simply the most important two people in my life. Kind of like bookends to who I am. Everything and everyone else in my life is just a chapter in the book of my life.
People of all kinds benefit today because you are my daughter! You have made me so proud.

You know me so well, too! When you told me about the move, you knew exactly how I would process it, in about a minute......I was thinking "road trip" before I could catch my breath. I will be fine sweetheart. I think that the "little man" may get tired of having me on Yahoo Messenger all night but he will be the one calling me by the age of 3. In fact, I can read to him and sing to him and even come to dinner with you guys.

Sam - if there was ever a gift that I could give you to express who you are to me, there is only one thing on earth I could give you. When I started to write this letter, I said there was not a new word that describes what I feel when it comes to you, but there is a word that I would use to express the closest thing I know to this reality - that word is "SETH" . You should know better now than you have ever known, what has been going on inside me of me for 28 years. AMAZING is all I can say.

You have my heart, Monica, in a way that no one else ever will. You are joy and happiness and all the music of Heaven to me. The Lord Himself sings over His children, and I have never stopped singing over my Daughter!

In fact, today is a good day to "Shout to the Lord" !

Happy Birthday,

all my Love, your eternal bud-e, DAD :)


Angela said...

That is seriously so touching!! That's awesome that you have such a great relationship with him. :)

amy (metz) walker said...

How sweet of him to write that! And smart of you to put it here for safekeeping! What a sweet Dad!

lalalady said...

What an amazing gift. So rare and precious for a father to be able put his feelings so beautifully into words that you can cherish for the rest of your life. What a wonderful Dad. :) Hugs, D