Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Redeeming love

There is always a "bright side," a "silver lining," to every trauma and tragedy. At the very least, there is a lesson to be learned, or something to bring away from a situation to make one better.

Here are the things I am thankful for from Sunday, in no particular order:

  • that our annual trip to Jerry and Nikki's was altered; I would have been in the car, 2 hours from home, when I started hemorrhaging
  • that I have such a wonderful obgyn. Dr. G rushed to my side to perform surgery, even though he had the flu. He hugged me, told me I was one of his girls, and that he'd make it all better. Platitude of course, but so nice to hear in the moment.
  • that my dad was over for dinner when I started bleeding and knew enough to rush me to the ER
  • that my in-laws had to "just stop by," and that they were there for us to leave Seth with
  • that Jim returned back home safely and in time for my surgery, as he was out of town when the hemorrhaging began
  • for my friend Daina -- she has been through this hell and back multiple times, and she has been a great source of comfort.
  • that there was a girlfriend only 15 minutes away who was available to hold my hand; she helped me through my first lost, and sadly, through these losses, too.
  • that the pregnancy was not ectopic. I know that an ectopic could have had more devastating results.
  • that my ER tech was able to start my IV with no issues. I HATE getting IVs.

Today, I am sad. Heartbroken. But I am also thankful.


Sara said...


Stacy D said...

Praying for you Monica....

Angela said...

Oh, that is God working indeed!! I, too, *hate* getting IVs and no one ever has luck getting one in me. So I can totally appreciate that one!
I am so sorry for your losses. Hugs and prayers!

Brandi Bee said...

Wow. Such news. So sorry to hear about this. I've heard of others that have miscarried twins. I wonder if its harder for you body with twins. VERY VERY sorry for you loss. God be with you and your family. Lots of love!!

lalalady said...

I'm so glad I can have been of comfort. And I'm so glad you're moving closer and we can get together more often! I hate that you had to go through much. Hugs, D.

amy (metz) walker said...

I'm sorry to hear you are having to find the silver lining in moments like this although I admire the fact that you are able to do so!

Praying for you, girl!

nest of posies said...

How truly inspiring you are to be able to write a post like this after what you & your family have been through. My heart is heavy for you. Will be praying for you, my new blogging friend.