Thursday, October 16, 2008

I do it for...?

I've started to realize that I tend to write my blog entries based on what I think others will enjoy reading. Which, in and of itself isn't a bad thing. One of the key principles to writing well is to "know your audience."

But one of, if not the main, purpose of this blog was to journal our daily lives for us and to merely allow you, the reader, to peek in from time to time.

So, I'm going to make an intentional effort to get WriterChic back to its roots. There will still be randomness and silly polls and ways to waste time and links to others' sites, but I'm really going to try to bring this back to the basics.

So, I start with this.

Monday night, I knew Seth was T-I-R-E-D, and that there would be no way he'd make it to his 8/8:30 bedtime. So, he slept from maybe 7:30-8:15. And then he was UP. So we played for a bit, and then around 9:00, Jim put him to bed.

Oh my.

The child cried and screamed and banged his head against his crib for over a half hour. When I finally could stand it no longer, I went in to check on him, and I immediately could tell he wasn't throwing a tantrum, he was just wide awake. And I suppose that I'd cry, too, if the people I loved most in the world left me to sit confined, in a still, dark room, while they went to "play."

So, we got up, and went back in the family room. And wouldn't you know it? I swear, all he wanted was a little more time with mom and dad. He didn't squirm or fuss or whine. He was content to sit on my lap, chew on the drawstring of my hoodie, and watch One Tree Hill. And right at 10:00, as the show ended, he leaned his head back on my shoulder, smiled up at me, closed his eyes, and went to sleep. Just like that.

Well, alright then. It melted my heart.

I know some super nanny out there who swears by BabyWise is scoffing at this post, pointing out all the bedtime "rules" I broke on Monday night. But the heck with her. We all, eventually, got a good nights rest, and I got to have one of the sweetest simple moments with my baby.

I win.


Erika said...

This was a very sweet moment. I am glad you shared it with us. I agree with what you did, though. When a baby is wide awake, they're just not going to go to sleep! I put Clara down first at night, so when Madeleine goes to pick up her toys (they are in the same room), she ends up waking up Clara. So, I've learned to put Clara to sleep in my bed, and then transfer her into her room after Maddie is asleep...because it's no fun to put a baby to bed, have her awakened a half an hour later, and then have to put her to bed all over again. Wow what a long comment!

Anonymous said...

First rule of thumb in parenting: FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCTS. Don't do everything by the book, you know your baby better than anyone, and wasn't it so much less stressful to just relax and do what was natural? I've learned long ago that books aren't always right. You have not ruined Seth for life, and, they grow up so fast. Soon enough, he won't want anything to do with you, and you've passed up those extra few minutes. Good job, mom.

Christina said...

Please... don't get me started on all the problems with Babywise.

It's amazing what happens when you listen to your God-given instincts.

Brandi Bee said...

Sweet. I had the same prob last night with my Zoe girl. She got put in her crib at 10pm and still was awake. But, i couldn't give in that late. So, i just stood by her crib and hugged her for 5 min. while she settled a bit. I was tired. She just had to deal. So i went to my bed and she cried for about 2 more minutes, lol.

"The Rules" must be made by people who dont really love their kids, lol.

Anonymous said...

Monica, You did the right thing by getting the "Little Man" up. There are no rules. Each child is different and it is up to the parents to determine what is best of each child. Cherish each moment you have with Seth, they grow up so fast, whether it is 2:00 am or 7:00 am. They have no sense of the time.
Seth's Nanna

amy (metz) walker said... of my fav posts of yours ever.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post. xoxo

Valerie said...

You crack me up sometimes! I know I'm doing a million things the books tell you not to do - but I'm happy and healthy and so is my daughter, so that's what matters most! ;)