Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Isaac Timothy ~ October 7, 2008

Sadly announcing the birth and homegoing of sweet Isaac.

Isaac Timothy was born and was with his precious mom and dad, Stacy and Spencer, for 16 minutes before Jesus welcomed him home. Stacy and Spencer are able to be with him and, as Stacy so desparately wished, also hold him.

The doctor said Isaac was beautiful, and Stacy went through the surgery well.

The outcome was not what we wished, but we will choose to rejoice in Isaac's LIFE today.


Trish said...

I know, I wish I could get out of here and go home to give Jeff a huge kiss and hug! He was awake for awhile in the middle of the night too...guess I should of taken that time to cuddle with him!

lalalady said...

Isaac's life has definitely touched mine. I am so glad that Stacey and Spencer got to hold him and her surgery went well. I am so deeply sorry for their loss, but you are right, we will always celebrate his life.