Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Wednesday Confessions

There is NO healthy food in our house right now except grapes. On Tuesday, I ate a PopTart, a frozen pizza, and Cheetos.

I wish that our thieves had found the digital camera that was charging in Seth's bathroom the morning of our burglary. It was the one thing I would have been happy to replace (read: upgrade). Instead, they only took the very specific USB cord we need to get pictures off this camera, which explains why my posts have been picture-less this month. Sorry; I'm not sure when that'll be remedied.

I'm considering buying $30/yd. fabric for master bedroom window treatments. I know; insanity.

I have a name I think I really, really like for the Itty Bit, but I'm afraid to tell Jim, for fear he'll dislike it. find a diplomatic way to present it....

I'm very selfishly hoping that my closest girlfriend here in town will NOT be moving to Memphis is August....but, alas, I don't think I'll get my wish. And I'm just so disappointed in the timing of it all.

I'm already looking forward to decorating for the holidays. I know, more insanity. But the holidays were so disjointed for us in 2008, between the miscarriage, the packing, the move, the displacement, vacation. I can't wait to host Thanksgiving in my new home with my new son in attendance, and hand Seth's adorable stocking from our mantle.

I'm desperately trying to blog daily; I don't know if it's some weird internal goal, or if I'm enjoying seeing my traffic increase. I guess a little of both. And I'm finding that no matter what my motivation, as long as y'all don't mind reading whatever nonsense spills forth, that the daily writing is very cathartic for me. Yea for anything that keeps the blood pressure down!

I've got mixed feelings about the craziness that is our May calendar. Every weekend is booked, we are ridiculously busy with work, church, friends, home, each other. I mean, I know that that is just LIFE, but still, I know I'm going to blink and it's going to be June, and June means summer-for-real, and summer is when the baby comes, and holy cow, how is it already mid-August?!? (See how my brain works?)

And this final confession is for one person only, and I hope it makes her smile and doesn't offend her: I don't like banana bread. =) But my boys do, so all is well. Just giving fair warning.


Anonymous said...

What is it about May? We have something going on almost every weekend too! I'm digging these confessions. It's nice to get stuff off your chest. And don't feel bad about what you ate today. When I was pregnant I ate either donuts or pop tarts for breakfast, Taco Bell for lunch almost everyday and ice cream for dinner. :)

phasejumper said...

I LOVE that you are blogging every day (reading it gives me something to do.) We have healthy food in our house, but here on the eve of my glucose test, I want none of it. Yesterday I had two vanilla frappaccinos (sp?) 2 hotdogs, a hot fudge sundae, two mini bags of chips then a really small healthy dinner followed by some of Will's Easter candy (YIKES...I know!!) I wish I was busy. I have all this energy and motivation to DO SOMETHING and I have nothing to do! I just try to stay sane until the weekend. That's annoying about the cord...

Michele said...

Too weird..I was thinking of posting my own "confessions" blog once in awhile...I think it helps with the craziness inside our brains...I will wait awhile, so it doesn't look like I totally stole your idea! Glad things are going smoother for you today.

Sara said...

Friendship OFF! LOL I'm bringing more stuff, too. ;) *hugs*