Wednesday, October 21, 2009

9w update

How far along? 9w1d

Total weight gain: Holding steady at +/- 0 lbs.

Maternity clothes
? yes, in pants, skirts, and dresses.  Tops are either/or right now.

: Better than I expected it to be at this point.

Best moment this week
: Having someone in WalMart ask the Chiclet's Brother "are you getting a baby brother or sister?" with a knowing wink at me.

: Nope.

I'll admit, I'm hoping pink.

Labor Signs
: Nope, although my BP was not great at my ob appt this week.

Belly Button in or out?
In. .

What I miss:
The freedom to not worry about 7 different prescriptions, all refilling at different times, at different dosages, to be taken at different times of the day.  Ergh.

What I am looking forward to
: Next u/s at 11w.  14 days from today!!!!

Weekly Wisdom
: Try NOT to be so focused on wanting the baby to be a girl, and just focus on health.

: First run in with the insurance/pharmacy/MFM office.  Fun times.

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