Saturday, October 17, 2009

Seth’s new favorite “vegetable”

Just a teaser from the great time we had at our hayride Saturday night.

This is what I found when I took off Seth’s boots:

eden hay ride 028

I think that goes to show just how much fun he had.  He never once let on that there was this much corn in his shoes – he just kept on movin’ and runnin’ and enjoying all the fun!


mandie lane said...

You know you had a good time when you come home with shoes full of corn. Ahhhh, boys.

Holly said...

Gosh, he had to be having a lot of fun not to say anything about that much corn!!

Anonymous said...

:) How did he get the corn into the shoes while wearing them? Love you 3 guys!


Rachel said...

Cute! Very funny.

Kelly said...


Valerie said...

C'mon Mon - he was just saving it for later! ;)