Friday, October 16, 2009

Rain or shine, we’ll get our Touch of Autumn

pumpkin patch 006 Believe it or not, this is actually the first  picture of the day.

Although the forecast proved accurate with a balmy 46 degrees and steady, misty drizzle, we ventured out to the pumpkin farm with some friends.  About a hour into our trip, Seth decided he’d rather curl up with his socks than enjoy the scenery.

pumpkin patch 008 Look, Mom!  Gourds!

pumpkin patch 009 AP and Seth, adorable little teachers’ pets

The farm we visited had a learning barn where the little ones were schooled in the ways of honeybees and taught to recognize the various types of pumpkins, like Fairytale, Cotton Candy, Cinderella, Munchkin, and the featured Touch of Autumn.

pumpkin patch 013

pumpkin patch 014 pumpkin patch 016 Seth, meet Peter.  Peter, meet Seth.

There were rabbits, cows, goats, donkeys, turkeys…..lots of farm animals that the kids could interact with and feed.  (Can I just say that your nose alone would tell you in no uncertain terms that you were on a working farm?!)

pumpkin patch 018

Nope, not in there…..

In the milking barn, the little ones can “milk” a cow – and despite that it’s only water that shoots out from the udder, let me tell you, it’s pretty realistic!

pumpkin patch 021

pumpkin patch 024 Yes, he is the only one facing the wrong direction.  He was just rallying the crowd!

pumpkin patch 025

For the PIG RACES!  I have to admit, it was awesome.  The pigs race for Oreo cookies, and you better believe they can move!  It made me want to come home and watch the movie Babe.  “Out” pig (assigned to our section of the crowd) won two out of the three races.  Way to go,  Piglet!

pumpkin patch 027 

pumpkin patch 031

Without a doubt, Seth’s favorite part of the day was the Corn Crib – a huge, well, bin, of corn kernels, ala ball pit style.  He had to be parent-retrieved twice before he’d get out.  Once he got the hang of walking in the shifting maize, he loved it!

pumpkin patch 036 

Finally, after a full day of walking through the mud, the little ones were sent into the patch of Touch of Autumn pumpkins to pick their very own.  As you can see, Seth felt it necessary to walk to the entire other side of the patch to select his “ball.”

Was it worth the drive (even though we got [a little] lost on the way home?  Worth the $6 admission?  Worth the 2 hours in the rain and muck?  Worth getting the F250 buried in the mudbath of a parking lot?  (Sorry, the stress of that experience kept me from taking photos.)  Was it worth the less-than-perfect conditions to spend a day with my son?

pumpkin patch 037

Um, yeah.  I’d say so. =)


Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a lovely day :). Were adults allowed to play in the corn kernels? Looks like it would be fun.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful day. It actually brings me a sense of peace and calm.

-Crystal Theresa

mandie lane said...

So fun! Definitely looks worth the stress to me.

Valerie said...

How cool! Wish we had something like that around here.

Tessa thinks pumpkins are balls too.

Kendra said...

He looks like SUCH a big boy!!

Jennifer said...

Did you go to Gentry? We went last week and we loved it.

Maria said...

Found your blog from A's blog. It was nice meeting you and Seth during the rain!! Glad you got out of the mud and hate that you got lost on the way home. What a way to end such a glorious day, huh? :-) Hope you are well!!

Janna said...

I loved living the day with you through your blog and your photography is getting better and better.

It's so good to hear that enthusiasm for life and motherhood coming through so strongly in your most recent posts.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

So much fun! Our kids love the corn crib, too!
And pig races? I've never heard of such! Fun!! I think I'd race for oreos some days, too!