Thursday, March 4, 2010

28w Update

How far along? 28w2d.  It feels really, really surreal to be this far.  I mean, on one hand, the pregnancy has been eternal, already; but on the other hand, I can remember the day I took the home pregnancy test like it was just yesterday. 

Total weight gain
: I’m up 4 lbs since my last ob appt, which puts me at 8 for the pregnancy.  Dr. M continues to assure me that she is still thrilled with my gain – to be this far along and only 8 lbs up.  But the fact remains that all this weight is in the last 5 weeks, and I currently weigh the most I ever have in my life.  I know it’ll come off.  But still.  Any time the scale creeps (up) into a new range, you cringe.

Maternity clothes?  Yep.  Almost entirely.  I did get into a pair of my regular pants last week, and I even got them buttoned.  But I couldn’t breathe normally, so I took them off. ;) 

It’s been elusive.  Like, usually only 2-3 hours a night elusive.  So I finally asked Dr. M for an Ambien prescription, and it’s currently being filled at our friendly neighborhood Walgreen’s. 

Best moment this week:
Welcoming Eliana Jane, the sweet daughter of my dear friend Stacy.  Her healthy birth is a direct answer to much prayer by many people.

:  Like crazy. =)  She is a little wiggleworm to be sure. 

Labor Signs/Body Changes of Note: Some stretch marks have started to rear their ugly heads, but I’m dealing. 

What I miss : My reflection without puffy, dark-circled eyes.

What I am looking forward to:
having my 30w ultrasound with my mother present next week.  I’m sure it’ll be a treat for us both.

Stats: B/P: 120/60; heart rate: 145; next appt: 3/11


Sara said...

Yay! That's an awesome blood pressure! BAH to the stretch marks...BAH!!! I've got enough for both of us, tell your skin to knock it off!

Deidra said...

My husband calls my stretch marks my badge of honor. He's a good and kind man.

Thanks for your words today at (in)courage. I'll be praying sweet rest, blissful sleep for you tonight!

Valerie said...

I swear I remember the moment like it was yesterday too - since you shared it and all. ;) I am so thrilled that BG is healthy and your BP is so good! Continued prayers, Mon.

Cindi said...

Congratulations on 28 weeks! Praying you begin to sleep better at night... does Seth still nap, so that you can rest with him during the day?

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I'm so glad you are regularly breathing again. Normal pants aren't worth it! I've completely given up on them!

elliebloo said...

I read your pregnancy updates and they make me misty. I have three wonderful kids 20 18 and 12 and I still remember the wonder of carrying them all. You help me relive the miracle...

Thank you