Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random Wednesday observations

  • We have run out of ice cream in the house.  This is a travesty.  It’s bad enough that our small town is deprived of a Mr. Freeze-type establishment; now we can’t even make homemade milkshakes.
  • Huggies Naturally Refreshing baby wipes are my favorite, hands-down.  Maybe there are greener, cheaper, better wipes out there, but this is one of those things – like JIF peanut butter and Kraft mac ‘n cheese – that I’m just not going to compromise on.
  • I have some of the coolest friends.  Today, I salute my gal pal Kelly, and her husband Marty, for doing one of the craziest things ever.  They are from Iowa, but are completing a two-year stint in Connecticut for Marty’s job.  They stumbled across their dream home back in Iowa, and although they won’t be able to live in it for another solid year…..they bought it anyway!  She’ll blog about this, and do justice to the story much better than I just did, but I’m just so stinkin’ proud of them for chasing the dream like this. =)
  • I’m already over American Idol this year.  I think Tim Urban is adorable, and I’d give him a spot on Glee in a heartbeat.  I happen to like Didi Benami, and hope she sticks around, because I like her voice, and frankly, I’m bored with the majority of the female contestants.  There is no denying that Crystal Bowersox is in a class of her own – and of course, I’m rooting for the fellow northwest Ohioan.  I have issues with Aaron Kelly.  I can’t be the only one who can’t help but reference back to the kid a couple of seasons ago that they nicknamed “Chicken Little,” can I?  Anyway, who cares what I think?  Obviously, not FOX, or I’d be guest mentoring instead of seriously-can’t-you-find-a-pair-of-REAL-pants Miley Cyrus.
  • When I got out of the shower on Tuesday, I thought my water broke.  No, really.  I truly stood there and watched a puddle form on the floor.  I’m not sure what it was – I know it wasn’t pee, because, sadly, I’ve done that, too, in this pregnancy.  (Stupid poor bladder control.)  And it wasn’t just pooled water from the shower.  But it was quick, and somewhat minimal, so I just sat there for a minute and it stopped….  Probably not the wisest move I’ve made this week…..but I’m pretty sure I’m okay.  I think.
  • I’m finding myself completely at a loss as to what to pack in my hospital bag.  You’d think I’d know, having done this twice, but all I’ve got so far is my hairdryer and my favorite pair of black yoga pants.  I’m open to suggestions.
  • Is this not the cutest picture of Seth you’ve seen all week?

    seth carousel


NoVaIrish said...

For the hospital all you need is some good chapstick, a toothbrush and some hair ties. Of course, this could explain why I frightened small children during my time in L&D.

Holly said...

My hubby watches AI as I do stuff on the computer so I always hear his commentary. :)

I always pack a small bag of travel size toiletries. A couple pairs of socks.

The Fabulous Ms. Beth said...

I always forget your a NW-Ohioan when I read your blog! MR FREEZE RULES! I lived close enough that I would ride my bike there when I was younger :)
I miss it too now that I'm up north in Michigan.

Brooke said...

I forgot to take my pillow and was very sad about that. And yes, chapstick.

I am also so over AI this year. I was wondering if it was just my general lack of enthusiasm or the show. Looking like I'm not the crazy one afterall.

Sara said...

Snacks! take snacks! :) Love the cutie boy pic. :D

Kendra said...

YES that is the cutest picture!!

You seriously think your water broke possibly and you haven't called your doctor?!?


(That is me yelling at you =) )

Kelly said...

I made your blog!? Aw, I feel like...famous or something, lol! You're the sweetest, and you definitely make me feel a little less crazy.

Crazy is thinking your water broke and not calling the doctor!!!

The only thing I used in the hospital was: yoga pants and t-shirt to leave in, pillow, chap stick, lotion (hospitals are so dry!) and all my favorite toiletries for that first shower. Camera (duh!).

Anonymous said...

Ya! Arte you crazy? Call the doctor, please? The pic is pretty nice if I do say so myself :p

Love ya Sam!


Sara said...

I needed to add...Call your doctor. I had a very short burst of fluids with Tabitha...the bag was leaking & I was induced (but I was 38 weeks). Not to scare you, but it might be a leak & not a full break.

Jessi Knack said...

SISTER! CALL DR. M!!! My bag leaked slowly with B. I had to "check" (I'll spare you the details) several times before I was convinced to miss Easter Sunday Service and go to triage. And... my water had broken. I didn't even fill a pad on the way to the hospital. Do I need to come over there and drive you myself? You know I will! As for packing... I am ADD & OCD (not a good combo) so I had a list made several months ahead of time and highlighted things as they were packed. If you google it you will find MANY lists to give you ideas of what to bring. Better to pack too much than get there and realize something is missing. Don't forget your pillow... hospital pillows suck! And lastly... Seth-a-roo (as my boys and I call him) is adorable in that picture. love- J

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

My favorite wipes are the Sam's ones that have a plastic pop up lid (mandatory) and come with 4 million in a box for $13. :)
I am with you on AI. I just don't have time this year and that's unforunate.
And just pack like you were going to your mom's for the hospital. Then people will bring you things if you forget them (like I always do).

Anonymous said...

the best thing I had at hospital with me (besides my pillow) was mr sports watch that has indiglo. so helpful during the night when i was wondering if it was time to feed the baby and I couln't see the clock.

ps. call the doctor!!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Okay, I know we're new friends and all, but I have to jump in NOW and say PLEASE call your doctor about the water breaking. A friend of mine from college had a very bad experience by not knowing that her water broke (and therefore not telling her doctor). Please call your doc!!!

Marlo said...

I'm going to assume you've listened to your other commenters on the possible water breaking concern. (And if you haven't, do not pass go, do not collect $200 and pick up your phone!)
Ok. So on to the two things I really wanted to comment on:
AI- I'm with you too. I'm to the point now where I just want to fast-forward to the last two and then find out who wins. (And Crystal is SO great, but I do like Didi too.)
And about your bag- a little thing I do is pack my all-time favorite shampoo and conditioner -maybe in travel size if it's really expensive or something- preferably something with a really great aroma. That first shower after having a baby is the most therapeutic thing on the planet in my book- and having nice shampoo/conditioner helps for me. (If I knew what kind you liked, maybe I could send you some- hint, hint!) :)