Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday randomness

I know, I know.  Not a whole lot of good content around here lately.  Sorry.  I’m stalling on the nursery reveal; we’ve run into a furniture glitch with the bookcase(s), so that’s the hold-up.

And there is no baby news to report until my appointments on Thursday.

But I do have some random things I’m willing to toss out to the blog world, if you at all care.

  • Jim is awesome.  He got an unexpected supply of Best Buy Reward Zone bucks to spend, and came home Saturday with the Valentine’s Day soundtrack.  I love it; I love HIM!

  • I love Chris Daughtry’s music.

  • I am desperate need of a pedicure.  It’s been almost four months.  Eek.  As soon as my c-section gets on the calendar on Thursday, you better belief the next appointment to get booked is going to be for my tootsies.

  • It is supposed to be GOREGOUS here in Nashville all week, and I’m so excited about that, even though I can’t really get out an enjoy it.  I think I might treat myself to a quick swing through the Farmer’s Market when I’m downtown to pick up some flowers – just because. =)

  • I have mastered unclogging toilets.  And I have this pregnancy to thank for that.  An unexpected skill to have inherited, I must admit, but I’m sure it’ll come in handy in coming years.  I still have awful memories of the time my brother Adam overflowed the half-bath when us kids were, oh, maybe 11, 9, and 7, respectively.  None of us knew what to do about it, so my poor mother came home to a big mess, and a flooded hall, and three crying children.  Not a good day.

  • When I sit in the nursery, I get a faint odor of something burning….like something in an electrical outlet.  But I’ve checked everything – the outlets, the cords of the lamp and monitor (the only things plugged in), and the light fixtures.  Everything seems to be fine.  Hmm?

I’m pretty sure that’s all I’ve got for now.  Anything random you, dear reader, want to share with the blog world?  Feel free!


Sara said...

I'm so glad Jim found that soundtrack. We (the moms & I) tried to find it for you on our shopping adventure, but came up empty handed. Yay!

Anonymous said...

What a nice husband! Chris Daughtry does surprised he didn't win that year. I've had many random thoughts today but most on my mind is how to get the rest of this baby weight off in a hurry because I just found out that the husband and I are going to Miami for 4 days in just over a month. Eek!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

We often have toilet unplugging issues here. I could use some tips!! Our youngest son lives in fear of the overflowing toilet!! It is rather traumatic! =)

Stacy D said...

Oh the toilets.... been there.... :)