Thursday, July 23, 2009

Laughter really IS the best medicine



Baby aspirin.

Folic acid.

All of these drugs have become a part of my everyday vocabulary since learning that I most likely have a clotting disorder that has wreaked havoc on my four pregnancies.

As we count down the hours until Friday’s appointment reveals what my final diagnosis is, I’m trying to stay busy, stay calm, stay focused on what is, not on what was, or on what might be, or on what may come.

And what is, is this:

(sorry for the poor quality of this video – I’m still figuring out my new camera features)

I really don’t think there is a sweeter sound than Seth’s laughter that fills my day – not even the blessed silence that us mommies so often crave.

As I wait for my “fate” (in quotations because I firmly believe that my future is in the hands of a loving, almighty God) – as I wait to learn what prescriptions the specialists are going to offer up – I will remind myself that no drug is as powerful as the laughter and love of the son I have been blessed to raise.


Kelly said...

Love that laugh! What a cutie!! Thinking about you and praying for the best tomorrow. (((hugs)))

savannahgirl said...

His laugh is so adorable! After the zoo, Gabe told me his name is Seth LOL! I tickled him and reminded him that's his middle name... guess he really liked his new friend Seth! Definitely will be praying for you tomorrow, Monica. Big hugs!

Kristy said...

Try not to stress over the meds. They DO help, and if you have a clotting disorder it will make a huge difference. Folic acid you already take in your prenatal, but i'm guessing your Dr will want you on a higher dose. Baby aspirin is just one little pill a day. You wouldn't be on both Lovenox and Heparin it would be one or the other. Lovenox would be 1 or 2 shots a day, in your stomach (you get used to it, trust me). The Heparin, IF you go on that it wouldn't be until 36-ish weeks in your pregnancy (and you would come off the Lovenox). Try not to worry about the meds, they really are a small part of your journey. It sucks to be on any meds at all, but you know all too well, you would do anything to make sure your baby is safe. Keeping my fingers crossed for a positive appt tomorrow, I know the uncertainty is harder then the reality. I've been there, and I am currently there. It sucks.

Anonymous said...

You described the laughter beautifully! I guess he just gets it! Life is...sweet!
Praying for you all!

Valerie said...

Mon, I'm sitting here crying again because I understand how terrifying the wait is. I know that you're scared and worried about your appointment today, but I want you to know that we are sending prayers and good thoughts to you.

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Can't imagine the wait. Many blessings to you!

Jennifer said...

I have been thinking about you! Hope you were able to get some information today.

Amanda said...

Thought of you yesterday and wondered what the news was from all of your testing. I know just how daunting and challenging the shots and other medications can seem right now, but it is manageable. I am not trying to tell you that any subsequent pregnancy will not be filled with worry and anxiety because it will and it will seem like the longest pregnancy ever known to man, but you can survive it. I lost my precious son Gavin when he was 26 days old last year after a completely textbook, perfect pregnancy. The docs still debate whether it was some type of cord accident during the last week of my pregnancy or due to the blood clotting disorder we discovered I have after I had Gavin. We will never know. I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and have been doing Lovenox injections for 28 long weeks. Yes, my belly is not attractive with all of the bruises and the shots do burn but if it means that this little girl can make it to my arms safe and sound I would do anything they told me to do. Take it one day at a time and absorb the information you were given, I know it can be overwhelming. We learned after my test results that my husband actually has 2 clotting disorders as well. We were shell-shocked for quite some time. Ask questions, when more come to mind just jot them down and don't hesitate to call the docs back. I am sorry for the crazy-long post, I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you. You are an amazingly strong woman.


Forever missing Gavin 4/7-5/3/08

Rhonda said...

I love Seth's laugh! Children's laughter is always something special. My kids laughter always brings a smile to my face or makes me laugh right along with them. Love it!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Beautiful truth, sweet Monica...

nunnyabidness said...

LOVE his giggle! :)