Tuesday, July 21, 2009



Being on vacation in Ohio this past week afforded me some much needed time to just sit and be still.

One afternoon, while sitting out in my inlaw’s driveway, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the skies were, so I snapped a picture.

This week, were back to the daily grind of our Tennessee home life, which more often than not translates to “crazed.”  I’m babysitting for some friends tomorrow, so we’ll see how Seth likes being the “little” brother for a day; playdate at the fountains with church friends on Thursday; MFM and pediatrician appointments on Friday; out-of-town business meeting for me Saturday morning…..

I need to print out this photo and carry it around with me this week as a reminder of the peace and tranquility I felt on vacation.  Of how healthy it felt just to let the world slow down for a while.  Of how rested I feel when I remember to just pause life every once in a while.


Bluebird said...

lovely picture and a great reminder! thanks for sharing... :-)

Christy said...

I'm glad to hear that you got so much needed rest and experienced a peaceful vacation. Aren't they the best kinds of vacations? The picture is beautiful and definitely one to carry with you as a reminder.

Thanks for your comment today... I am starting The Time Traveler's Wife tonight. Oh, how I love the excitement of a new book! I'll let you know what I think:) I finished The Moment Between today... you've got to read it. Definitely made it to my top 10!

Kendra said...

Here's to the pauses...=)