Wednesday, January 20, 2010

22w Update

How far along? 22w, 1d

Total weight gain
: 1 lb up; 1 lb shy of starting pregnancy weight. 

Maternity clothes?
Yep.  I’m attending BlissDom in a few weeks, and I am starting to panic about what I don’t own, and I’m not looking forward to trying to find it in the meager maternity sections of Old Navy and Target. 

Rare and precious, harder each night.  I’ve been on the couch a few nights this week, and one night, Seth and I even switched.  He slept with Daddy and I got his bed all to myself.

Best moment this week: Getting Dr. M’s “approval” on what might be BG’s name.  Not that she truly gets a vote, but still, it’s nice when your ob thinks you’ve got good taste in names.
Movement: Yep, all the time.

Labor Signs: Well…I have started having contractions.  They aren’t all that regular, but they sure are uncomfortable, and they are causing some issues.  As I’m starting to contract, my BP meds don’t seem to be working as effectively.  My reading at Tuesday’s appt. was a whopping 160/90.  Uh-oh.

Belly Button in or out
? Out-ish.  Things are a-changing.

What I miss
: good restful sleep.

What I am looking forward to: Naming this baby; after our slight scare this week, I feel like I just might get Jim to nail something down sooner than later.
Stats: B/P: 160/90; heartrate: 152; urine: clear (no trace protein)


Southern Savvy said...

Oh, take care of yourself and kick those feet up on the couch! I know you are... :) That blood pressure mess is no joke. I've had preeclampia with both of my pregnancies (officially diagnosed around month 7/8 but had bp issues throughout).

Sara said...

*hugs* Mon. I hate "the scare"...hateithateithateit! Make sure you're resting whenever you can. Love you!...and I want to hear the name list! ;)

Marlo said...

I'm thinking of you and praying sooooo much. Have another friend who is in a similar situation so I lift you both up as often as possible. (((HUGS!!!)))
-I also can't wait to hear the name. I am with your OB on thinking you have great taste in names already!

Kendra said...

Can't wait to hear BG's name =)

Janna said...


Wow, I had not visited well, in at least 23 weeks I guess b/c I did not know you were pregnant!

I will also be at Blissdom this year for the first time and would love to meet you and see your adorable tummy with sweet baby girl!

This made my day!