Tuesday, January 26, 2010

23w Update

How far along? 23w; one week shy of (technical) viability 

Total weight gain
: 2 lbs down; 3 lbs shy of starting pregnancy weight. 

Maternity clothes?
Yes and no.  Now that I’m on bedrest, my wardrobe has no reason to go beyond yoga pants, sweats, tanks, and hoodies.  So, there are a couple go to maternity shirts I’m loving, and I’d love to pick up several more Old Navy maternity camisoles (I need the length to cover my bump!). 

I forgot to ask (read: beg) Dr. M for an Ambien prescription at Monday’s appt., but I’ve actually been so exhausted at the end of each day, I’m sleeping pretty soundly again.

Best moment this week: Confirmation that all the contractions I’m having aren’t doing anything detrimental to my cervix. 

: Yep, all the time.

Labor Signs/Body Changes of Note: Consistent contractions still, but, as mentioned, they aren’t doing anything, so I’m okay with them.  I have had my first really complicated, um, how to say this delicately, morning in the bathroom, which drove me to my knees in a fervent prayer that I be spared the nightmare of recurrent hemorrhoids.

Also, as mentioned, I am now OFFICIALLY on home bedrest.  Dr. M was ready to up my Procardia dosage one more time, but I wasn’t comfortable going that route right now, so she agreed we will be on bedrest at home and give the medicine (that I’m currently on) a chance to do its job before we have to do any more medical intervention.  

Belly Button in or out
? Out-ish.  Things are a-changing.

What I miss
: Sleeping on my stomach. 

What I am looking forward to: Um….a healthy family.

Stats: B/P: 140/80; BG heartrate: 147; urine: clear (no trace protein); cervix: 3.5


Jessie Weaver said...

I have some Old Navy camisoles you could have, but they would be huge on you!!

Hope you are OK. Had a dream last night about you and was worried.


mandie lane said...

23 weeks already! Praying that time just flies by from here. xoxo

Valerie said...

Continuing to keep you all in my prayers!

Sara said...

*hugs* & prayers for a healthy family!

Denise said...

praying for God's hand on you, your sweet girl, and your family during this time.

may he be gracious, providing EVERY need, showing himself to you, healing, speaking, lavishing his love in Christ Jesus.

bed rest is so hard, but it is temporary...but so hard while your in it.

hemorrhoids SUCK!! may God be merciful to your backside :-)

Marlo said...

Thanks for posting the update. Praying!

Jenn said...

SO GLAD to hear that your contractions aren't doing anything detrimental. Keeping you in our daily prayers!

Kendra said...

Hooray for 23 weeks!! Come on BG, hang with us!!!

Praying for you my sweet friend =)