Friday, May 1, 2009

Shot through the heart

I'm not sure there is a worse sound in the world than your child crying the "mom, why did you let that lady stick that awful needle in my thigh?!" cry after well-baby shots.

Thursday, we had Seth's fifteen-month check up. He is still a lil peanut. 21 lbs., 4 oz. and 31.5" tall. He is well on track developmentally; advanced, even. (So apparently, my grandmother can rest well; she was concerned Seth wasn't talking enough, but according to the pediatrician, his vocabulary of spoken words is greater than expected.)

I knew long before Seth was born that an attempt to keep a traditional baby book would only set me up for failure, so I'm going to use this post to document where he is at right now.

Favorite things: wresting with Daddy, being outdoors, pushing his toy lawnmower, Tonka trucks, going for car rides, and playing with his friend Maddox.

Snacks: taking a break from cheese, animal crackers, and peaches for pretzel sticks, granola bars, and freezer pops.

Words: truck, bath, go, duck, diaper, banana, Daddy, Mama, Nonna, juice, noodle

He is learning something new, it seems, each day. He loves to help me unload the dishwasher, load the dryer, pick out his clothes, brush my hair, open the garage door, and most recently help with his car seat buckle!

And since he has also become a gem in the nap department, I need to take advantage of the current peace and quiet and get to changing sheets and towels for Doug and Sara's brood!


Kendra said...

Awww...he brushes your hair? That's so adorable!!

Angela said...

Can I just say I have been loving your daily blogs? I'm ticked that you're having houseguests and won't be blogging everyday! LOL

I just looked back at my first son's growth chart. (He just turned three last month.) But at 15 months, he was only 20lbs, 14oz and was 33.5 inches tall. He could say 15 words. So other than a little taller, just about the same as Seth!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! You'll need a vacation when it's over. Just as long as it's not a vacation from blogging. ;)

mandie lane said...

he really needs to start working on saying "manderson". get on it, seth! ;)

glad to hear he had a good check up, and i can't wait to see the pictures of the chaos at your house this weekend. have fun!

lalalady said...

How awesome! I love the way you did this update, it really gives a clear picture of Seth and his achievements. What a cutie. :) Have fun this weekend and can't wait to catch up with you soon. Hope you are feeling good! Hugs, D. :)