Tuesday, August 30, 2011


This morning, I am thankful for:
  • my new MacBook Pro.
  • the wonderful people who gifted me with it, and
  • the great techie friend who set it up for me
  • beautiful weather this past week when all rain had been the forecast
  • safety for east coast friends who weathered Irene with minimal damage or impact
  • progress with Seth at his new preschool
  • opportunities to serve at my church
  • an unexpected opportunity to travel to see family sooner than expected, twice!
  • fantasy football – I don’t participate, but it allows Jim to stay connected with certain groups of friends that otherwise he might not, and that’s important to me
  • being able to find new, healthy recipes just by surfing the web
  • uncluttered kitchen counters
  • fall scents at Yankee Candle
  • awesome designer finds for me and Erin at Goodwill.  Seriously? $2 for Banana Republic?  Yes, please!

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