Wednesday, August 31, 2011

30DBC28: Goals: update

So, a month ago, I shared some goals I had for August, and seeing as how tomorrow is September 1 (I am both stunned and thrilled to welcome September), I guess it is time for a report card.

  • blog consistently: I don’t think 20/31 is too shabby!
  • lose 10 lbs.: more posts coming about this, but….thrilled to say I’ve lost 12 lbs this month.
  • get my hair cut:  did that last Friday – still as happy with Kim at Images as I was when I found her in July. 
  • mail 2 birthday cards on time: eh.  I missed Daina’s, but got Marybeth’s out in time, and in addition, I sent my grandparents a card for their 56th wedding anniversary.  Go, me!  (And boy, September is gonna be a doozy, too.  6 birthdays and a wedding need cards!) 
  • try 5 new recipes: nailed this.  I posted about six new recipes here, but that was just the tip of the iceberg.  I’d say I tried at least 10 new recipes this month.
  • host 2 families for dinner:  fail. =(  I wasn’t as intentional about this as I’d planned to be.  We’re trying to work out our schedule with one couple, and the other couple….I haven’t picked out yet.  (Anybody local….feel free to toss your hat in the ring.)  I have, however, had Tiffany over for dinner several times this month, so I guess this one wasn’t a total fail. 
  • clean out master bedroom closet: I’m actually really, really proud of myself for this one.  My side of the closet is DONE! and Jim’s is about 90% where it needs to be.  The remainder of it just needs to be a joint effort.  And the closet purge led to a desk purge, too, so bonus points there.
  • organize bottom kitchen cabinet: okay, this one?  Just not a reality unless we get cabinet locks installed because my kids?  They think the bottom cabinets are their afternoon playground, so….this is a no-go goal until further notice. 
  • repurpose living room canvases: nothing has inspired me, not to mention I have actual art that needs attention first, so, again, this one fell to the back burner.  I’m thinking I may end up using them for something merely seasonal vs. trying to repurpose them into a permanent fixture.
  • read The Midwife’s Confession for book club: huh?  Book club?  Yeah, no.  That one didn’t even cross my mind.  (Let me just confess here, I haven’t even looked at these goals since I published the original post, so it’s no wonder a couple of these didn’t materialize.) 
  • plan girls’ weekend for September, either Chicago with Ohio gal pals or Pensacola with college gals (for a wedding): so…..this one is tricky.  Pensacola fell through because one of the girls (not me) wound of pregnant and is dealing with first trimester stuff, and I have to be at a church function, like, 8 minutes after the ceremony in Pensacola, so yeah, that doesn’t work.  And as far as Chicago goes….I’m going to suggest a locale change, and if that flies with the other girls, then we’ll be in business.  So let’s just say this one is under construction. 

I have to say, I’m proud of myself!  In a month of traveling, a lot of doctor appointments, preschool drama, church meetings and functions and just general craziness…..I kind of rocked it out!


gottaluvboyz said...

Congrats all around!!! You have been busy this month:)

Mrs. Frogster said...

woot! congrats on all the accomplishments! It is awesome to look back and see how much you really have done.

phasejumper said...

Good job! I always get so much more done when I have a list of goals!

Kendra said...

Um, 12 pounds in a month?!?! More posts about this - yes PLEASE!

Amy in Pcola said...

Happy for you and all of your "met" goals. Sad for us that Sept won't be bringing you to Pcola. Much love!