Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello, August!

Blogging may be a little scarce around here the next week or so.  Vacation was wonderful, but the tail end of it brought some serious health complications for this Writer Chic, and visits to surgeons don’t leave much spare time for blogging.

I will, however, leave you with two pictures of my super-adorable kiddos.

vacation 175 vacation 046 
Told ya they were cute!

Here’s to hoping for a good report from the doctor tomorrow, and more importantly, that some of my energy returns.  I’m not a very good (or sweet) mommy when I’m sick and in pain.  Extra cuddles for my tolerant littles are on the docket for the end of this week….


Kendra said...

Oh no! I am way, way, WAY behind on reading blogs...are you ok? I am praying.

mandie lane said...

They are SO big, M! I hope whatever ails you will move on by asap. Praying for your health and strength!