Sunday, July 31, 2011

30DBC17 & 30: Highs and lows

I’m cheating today, and combining topics 17 and 30.

Have you been able to tell fro the tone of my writing that I’m starting to feel a little blasé about these topics?  I am.  Maybe I just feel “put on the spot,” even though I’ve been picking and choosing the order in which I write these challenge posts.

That said, my response to the topic at hand today (#17, highs and lows of the past year) is, “if you really want to know the highs and lows, go re-read the last 12 months of blog posts.”  There were good days, there were bad days, there were boring nothing-to-report days.  There were things that happened that I didn’t share on the blog in the past year, and if I didn’t share it then, I’m probably not going to share it now.

But for those of you who don’t have the time or desire to go back through my archives, here, off the top of my head are my top three of each:


  1. Seth’s successful potty-training as relates to peeing.
  2. Erin’s healthy first year – no major incidents, and she is happy, healthy, and developmentally on track.
  3. Great spring break vacation in Florida.


  1. Seth’s unsuccessful potty-training as relates to pooping.
  2. Disappointing “vacation” to Las Vegas in November.  We knew it was a “work” trip going into it, but we didn’t really think it’d end up being ALL work and (very, very little, almost non-existent) play.
  3. Not meeting my weight loss goals, neither by my birthday last fall, nor in general.

That said, let’s move on to our final topic, #30, highs and lows of the past month.

Ah, July 2011.

You started off with a bang – ha, ha, no pun intended – with a great visit with Nonna.  Cheekwood, the zoo, the pool, a party, fireworks, ice cream at Big D’s: it was a stellar way to start the month.

A surprising treat this month was a last minute trip to Pigeon Forge to visit friends who blessed us with a place to crash and free passes to Dollywood.  Jim also made a huge personal decision, and was baptized by Pastor Ashley this month.  Such a proud and happy moment for our family.  Add in our church block party, a couple random play dates, visits with Miss Tiffany, and the first (of many, we hope!) dual family vacation with our besties, and July did not disappoint.

The only “low” points I’ll give a nod toward were the stomach funk that ensnared both Seth and Erin the week before vacation.  Oh, my, the number of times I had to….well, I’ll spare you.  Let’s just say stain treater, carpet cleaner, and Lysol were my BFF’s that week.  And, then, there was the uber-uncomfortable waiting game that we played all month long in regards to some big family news we’ll be hoping to share soon.  I’ve not had to wait for much in my life, and this recent season of stillness has made me appreciative of just that.

Overall, it was a great month.  We started July in one place, and had a 31-day journey that has brought us to a whole new place as a family.

I hope y’all enjoyed reading the 30 Day Blog Challenge posts, and I hope that you’ll stick around for August.  I’ll be highlighting some of our July memories, as well as revealing our family news, and, of course, it’s back to school time, so there will be that to commemorate.

Hope you all are sending July out in style!

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Family news? You're moving to Wisconsin? You are?! Wahoo!!!!