Wednesday, July 20, 2011

30DBC08: A satisfactory moment


There are a lot of moments I’ve been really proud of my myself, my accomplishments, really satisfied with who I was/am.  Graduations, my wedding, birthing my kiddos.  Those are obvious ones.

But one moment I’ve been most satisfied with my life was probably when I won the Team Spirit award at the annual corporate-wide meeting for the insurance agency I worked for before we moved to Nashville.

I was promoted 9 months after I started working for this agency, and I threw myself into my new position heart and soul.  I like who I worked with, and for, and I was so pleasantly surprised to find that I truly enjoyed what I spent my hours doing, despite the fact that one doesn’t natural draw a correlating line between English Journalism and commercial insurance.

The year and a half between my promotion and when I went on bedrest with Seth was fabulous, from a professional and personal standpoint.  But professionally, it was stellar.  I was happy with what I did, and I was good at it.

And when it was recognized among hundreds of other deserving employees….well, it was just a great moment for me.  The icing on the cake was that the annual Customer Service award that same year went to the agent that had really shown me the ropes in the months before my promotion.  I credit a lot of my initial success to her, and to the time and effort she put into me.   So, Joanne, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Anyway, I guess in the grand scheme of things, and compared to the life-altering moments like childbirth, this one little award doesn’t matter, but at the time, it did, a lot, and it still does, in the sense that on the days when I feel I just plain, well, suck, at being a mommy, there is a small crystal (-like) award tucked away in a closet that reminds me that once upon a time I was really good at something else.

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Sara said...

No matter your suckies days as a mommy, you still rock it. :) It's nice to have those "out of mommy" experiences, though. It reminds you that you're not ONLY a mommy.