Saturday, July 30, 2011

30DBC22: Changes in the last 2 years

This is a tricky question.

I mean, by 30, you’re pretty much who you’re gonna be, you know?

None of my core values have changed.  My world view hasn’t changed.  My beliefs haven’t changed.

My circumstances have, but they’ll do that every two years, I’m sure.

Two years ago, we were in the middle of our genetic testing.  Duncan had been gone only 8 weeks; Erin was a dream that we weren’t sure would ever be realized.  I weighed significantly less than I do right now (boy, do I wish I were back to that number!).  Seth was SO much easier to parent then (he has been a joy at both ends, but I’m not afraid to tell it how it is – 18 months is WAY easier on mommy than 3.5 years!).  Jim’s job was still new enough to be great and exciting and an adventure.

Now…..we’re tiptoeing around the thought of a baby #4.  My weight….meh.  I’m tired of being preoccupied with it, and am ready to figure out what is up with my body that is just hanging onto this baby weight with a vengeance.  Seth is a wonderful test each day, and Erin isn’t far behind him.  She is so much spunkier than I ever would have anticipated, and there is never a dull moment with either of them.  And Jim’s job….I’m not even going to go there.

We are much more settled here in Tennessee, of course, but that was expected to come with the passage of time.  We are more in love with our church family that we ever thought possible; on the flip side, we miss our Ohio and Florida families more than we ever thought possible, too.

I’m not sure how much different a post I’d be able to write 2 years from now… is a constant change.  My role as mom will change as my children grow.  My ZIP and area codes may change, too.  Who knows?

It’s all about the journey, though, not the destination, right?

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