Thursday, July 14, 2011

30DBC15: Favorite Blogs

Ready for a link fest?  Here we go!

Ordinary gals with great home design and ideas:

A Thoughtful Place

Nesting Place

Young House Love

A Soft Place to Land

320 Sycamore

Personal friends who just write fabulously (and regularly, which is how I narrowed it down):

The Heir to Blair


Bringing up Bug and Bee

Miracle of the Moment

What I refer to as “bloggy bloggers” or not-one-particular-focus bloggers:


Lisa Leonard

Antique Mommy

Life Rearranged

Those are just a smattering, and most of you are probably already reading most of them, but maybe you’re not.  And maybe you’ll find a new favorite of your own in the mix.  Happy surfing!


Anonymous said...

Aww, thanks pal! For the shout out AND for giving me some new reading material to check out come naptime. Speaking of which, is it naptime yet? Oh what? Not even 7am you say? Huh.

mandie lane said...

All right. This is the fourth time I've tried to comment. My iPhone ate the first two comments (because it's insane), and the third one posted as Anon, then disappeared.


Awww, thanks! For the shout out AND for the new reading material during naptime today. Speaking of which, is it naptime yet? Not quite? No? Now?