Friday, July 15, 2011

30DBC12: Bullet point the day

Y’all are in for a RIVETING read today!  (Not!)  (But I do apologize in advance for the number of time I have to mention poop for you to get an accurate idea of how I spend my time.)

There has been SO much going on this month, and starting next week, when we head into full-on first-family-summer-vacation preparation mode, we have a couple crazy-full weeks ahead, so….we have taken this past week to just stay home.  It’s been hot, and there were no playdates scheduled, so we have left the house only for a trip to the grocery store and to the post office.

That said, you’re about to read a bullet-pointed recap of my Thursday.  And let me tell you, it’s pretty much the norm around here.  And while I may make excuses about how “boring” and “uninteresting” it is, I know I’ll look back on this blog entry in a few years and smile.  Because I don’t take time often enough to just cherish these moments of being home with my preschoolers….

So, without further ado, Thursday, July 13, 2011, looked like this:

  • 12:37: awoke to Erin’s crying over the baby monitor.  Will her to go back to sleep until at least 5:30.
  • 6:54: Seth crawls into our bed and groggily asks for cartoons and chocolate milk, in that order.
  • 7:33: Erin wakes up.
  • 7:37: out the door for donuts, which I’ve been promising Seth all week.
  • 7:56: home from the donut shop
  • 8:17: refill milk cups and turn on Disney channel
  • 8:19: receive a text from Jim that reads: “Can you see if our toilet is leaking.”  Great.
  • 8:24: sweeping the kitchen floor, but then I’m needed to break up a sippy cup fight; realize Erin has blown out her diaper…sitting in the middle of the coffee table.  On with the HazMat suit
  • 8:30: put Seth in time out for whacking Erin on the head with a poster mailing tube.  His “train tunnel” is now in the garbage can, along with the uber-offensive diaper.
  • 8:38: finish watering the rose bushes and weeding the back landscaping bed; wait for the bug bites to start appearing on my legs
  • 8:49: light a candle (B&BW Caribbean Salsa) in the kitchen when I notice a funky smell coming from the kitchen trash.  I don’t get it, there isn’t hardly anything in there…?
  • 9:02: clean out the fridge.  Bye, Little Ceasar’s crazy bread and a starting-to-turn tomato.
  • 9:12: fill in some more activities on our summer fun to-do list/calendar
  • 9:24: more poop.  Big brother.  Hairs pulled out.  I swear, every time he has an accident, I tell myself, next time, I’ll be calmer, I won’t scold, I won’t lose my cool, he won’t cry, I’ll do better, and each time, Lord, help, me, I lose it.  I am SO SICK OF MY THREE AND A HALF YEAR OLD WHO KNOWS BETTER pooping in his pants 10 feet away from a toilet.
  • 9:30: sit down to watch a Special Agent Oso episode with Seth.
  • 9:55: realize why my house still smelled (yes, again, sorry) like poop this morning after two you-wouldn’t-believe-how-bad blowouts that Erin had as I was making dinner last night.  She’d crawled behind the chair in the living room, and seeing as how there was, ahem, stuff all up her back, when she leaned up against the wall, well, there was a transfer, one might say.  (I was going to post the picture I took to send to Jim, but it’s graphic, and you’re probably eating breakfast, so I’ll spare you….)
  • 10:22: make plans to get out of the house and meet Jim for lunch at his office.  Going to attempt a shower….
  • 10:43: lunches packed, if you can call a pack of peanut butter crackers, a banana, a hot dog and a packet of mustard, a granola bar, a pack  of fruit snacks and two sippy cups “lunch.”  Hey, they had 5 donuts between them for breakfast.  I’m thinking they might not be hungry.
  • 10:54: potty run for Seth, and get this party started. In the car, little people, let’s go!
  • 11:16: swing through Sonic for slushes.
  • 11:54: lunch is over, short and sweet.
  • 12:23: back home to attempt to get Erin down for a nap, and maybe – don’t hold your breath – start packing for vacation
  • 12:48: stalling on the nap.  Erin is playing with Seth’s “power tools,” happily, and Seth is watching Phineas and Ferb, happily, and that is a dynamic that I do NOT mess with.  Gonna take some time to write a couple blog entries to auto-post during our vacation.
  • 12:50: text from sweet Tiffany.  She’s gonna come over to hang out for a few hours.  My day just got a little sunnier.
  • 1:16: phone call from Hillary to plan our Nashville Zoo date
  • 1:52: attempt to put lil miss down for her nap….shh!
  • 2:01: laundry started, beds made, rooms tidied, and….what do you know, silence from the monitor.  Success!
  • 2:18: load the dishwasher, and sit down to some Play-doh fun with my little guy.
  • 3:22: dining room table cleaned up from the “crafting.”  Checked email.  Time to switch laundry from washer to dryer.
  • 3:42: Miss Tiffany arrives; chaos ensues from my wild children
  • 4:59: time for dinner prep: sausage and rice!
  • 5:36: Jim comes home, grabs a PBJ, and leaves with Tiffany for a church service project.
  • 5:49: put away the dinner leftovers, and wonder how I’m gonna survive solo til bedtime with a VERY CRANKY toddler.
  • 6:09: they’re both crying hysterically for Daddy; nice.  Is it bedtime yet?
  • 7:32:  The littles are bathed and jammied.  A couple drinks of milk, a little Wipeout to unwind, and then they are off to dreamland.
  • 8:06: books with no stories; not my favorite kinds, but they like the pictures.
  • 8:32: sweet and sound in their beds, and I’m signing off for the night.


Mrs. Frogster said...

sounds all too familiar - it really is a lot when you write it all down, isn't it? sometimes I feel like, "what did I really do with my day?"
hope your day is going well today :)

gottaluvboyz said...

Love it...sounds very similar to my day! Like Jeanette said, there are some days when I think I didn't get anything accomplished. When you write it down, though...totally different story!