Wednesday, July 27, 2011

30DBC26: Attraction

What kind of person attracts me and why?

Physically, in a guy, dark hair, blue eyes, and just about 6 feet tall has pretty much been my go-t0 default.  Oh, and the scruff.  Apparently, I like the scruff (as seen yesterday!).

In other areas, I guess I lean a little toward liking a little bit of “bad boy” mixed in.  Like, with Jim, there was the fact that he had a motorcycle.  There was a little extra something there because of that. ;)

Other traits I find attractive, gender notwithstanding, are attentiveness, sincerity, integrity, intelligence, loyalty, sensitivity (though I have a couple no-nonsense friends and I love them, too), compassion, and forgiveness.

Oh, and anymore, a really attractive feature is love for my kids, and the willingness to take them off my hands once in a while.  It doesn’t get any more attractive than that!


lalalady said...

I think Jim has a lot of Joshua Jackson's looks! LOL :)

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

I like a little scruff a tough guy who is also sensitive underneath. I like a little bit of sentimental mixed in. I love someone I can laugh with...and have found over the years with my husband and my boys that an ongoing theme in our house has been "humor covers a multitude of sins" (which I know isn't exactly what the scriptures say, but it has been a rule here...of course the bible's version says love covers a multitude of sins and that's true too!) Love brown eyes and dark hair...and o.k., cannot believe I'm admitting this on here, but I really like a guy in a stocking cap. Have no idea why...just really enjoy when Tim walks in wearing a stocking cap at the end of a long work day. Perhaps this was too much information!! Have no idea why I felt compelled to share that...but there you go! =)