Monday, July 4, 2011

30DBC21: One of my favorite shows

It’s late Saturday night, and we’ve been partying all day at the pool and at a friend’s home and at a small-town fireworks celebration and I am tired (and I have a piece of plastic stuck in my right foot, so I’m cranky), SO.  That means, I’m not in a mindset to write the third topic in the 30DBC series, which is my view on drugs and alcohol, so I’m cheating, and jumping ahead to Day 21.

And I’m not really even going to expound on they whys of my answer, you’ll just have to take me at my word that it is a good show, and that you need to catch up on past seasons post haste.

I love the FOX hit Fringe, primarily for two reasons.

One, because the writing is so well done that it manages to keep me interested in science fiction, which is almost impossible.

And two, because I have only ever had one celebrity crush, and it is on this guy:

Any day that has Joshua Jackson in it is a good day, indeed.


The Bogners said...

I love that show!! (and he's not bad on the eyes either)

Sara said...

I wish that show would have waited a season or two to start. Maybe I need to Netflix it. It was on during the last couple seasons of Lost & I can only commit to one drama/non-sitcom show at a time (I'm weird like that). You & I have very similar relationships to scifi! Takes a lot to keep me interested!

Jessi said...

He looks like Jim :)