Thursday, August 18, 2011

What’s for dinner?

I’ve been posting these links on Facebook, but for those of you who don’t see those posts, I thought I’d share a couple new recipes that we’ve tried over the last week or two.

First of all, thank you to Sara for getting me hooked on SkinnyTaste when she shared a link to this

Hello, Pina Colada sorbet.  Yes, I’d like to eat you.

Since discovering Gina’s site, I’ve made Chocolate Chip Zucchini BreadIrish Soda Bread (both a sweet version and a savory version); Asian Peanut Noodles with Chicken; and Swedish Meatballs.





Another site I’ve been inspired by is Andie’s Can You Stay for Dinner? Her story is so inspiring; I love her writing style, and her recipes are fabulous.  I’ve made two so far and both have been a hit with everyone who has tasted them.

First, I tackled the Honey BBQ Meatloaf, which fell apart for some reason (cook error, I’m sure), but it was scrumptious!  And then I made the Buffalo Chicken Rolls to take to a church potluck.  They were gone in a flash!



Not sure what’s next on my to-do list, but I’m pretty sure if I pull the recipe from either of these gals, it won’t disappoint!

all photo credit goes to respective chef/blogger, not me!


gottaluvboyz said...

Look delish!!!

Mrs. Frogster said...

yum! maybe I'll post some of these to Pinterest now so I don't forget to try them!

Sara said...

I adore Gina & all her recipes. I haven't tried a lot of them, but that's because of our current family/meal/work situation. Gggrrr...

Glad I could help! All of those look yummy!