Friday, August 26, 2011

Vacation: Monday

This picture just makes me smile.  Ah, boys.

vacation (19)

Monday, we were supposed to take all the kiddos horseback riding, but that fell through, so instead, Jim and Doug took the boys fishing at the state park, and Sara and I took the girls uptown to Nashville to shop!

vacation (28) 
vacation 042

Why yes, I did buy Erin and Tabitha matching Hello, Kitty (or, Hi, Kitty-kitty, as Tabitha would say) candy bracelets to fend off the crankiness that was starting to set in after two hours of shopping.

vacation 044

Should have bought these shades for Erin.  But I’m cheap.  And they were $8.  (And a month later, I found an equally Hollywood-esqu pair at Wallyworld for $1.  Score!)vacation 046

Saltwater taffy break!

 vacation 048

My favorite girls, and the bench Sara fell in love with, and the neatest shop ever.  There is a story to come about the awesome proprietor of this place…

vacation 049
And now we move to the afternoon/evening portion of the day.

A little sun…

vacation 051

A gratuitous Zeke-self-portrait (the first of many, I discovered when downloading the pics off my camera)…

 vacation 056  A little cornhole…

vacation 058

With appropriate cheering section, of course…

vacation 059

And cake……

vacation 060

Lots and lots of yummy homemade birthday cake, with fresh whipped cream…

vacation 061

And then there was fire….

Doug and Jim became masters of this (so awesome!) firepit.  They worked on the week’s first  fire while Sara and I….um, who knows what we were doing?  Bedtime routine?  Laundry?  Who knows?

vacation 063

vacation 067

vacation 068
Ah, the view straight up from the deck.
 vacation 071  
Day two……smashing success!  No injuries, no accidents, no plans gone awry (after we got over the horse riding failure).  Vacation 2011, you’re treating us well!