Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I have been remiss in emailing my dear friend Daina in the last few weeks since the implosion of The Plan.

But because today is a BIG DEAL for her, I'm going to write this post if it's the last thing I do. I have been attempting to write it for hours, but, well....LIFE....but it matters, so here we go.

Daina, in honor of reaching 27 weeks/your third trimester, here are 27 reasons why I love you and that I'm glad we're friends (the list is in no way comprehensive and in NO particular order, lest you get a complex!):

  1. You're a redhead.
  2. You spent $3,000 on your wedding dress.
  3. You have amazing scrapbooks.
  4. You're brave enough to paint ridiculously bold (and I mean that in a good way) colors in your home.
  5. You don't swear often or "too" badly, but you can deliver the perfectly-timed curse when the situation warrants.
  6. You can relate, in ways I would never have imagined, to the drama-with-a-capital-D in my family.
  7. You know who Margaret George is.
  8. You actually have read one of her books!
  9. You are a Starbucks fan.
  10. You are a miscarriage SURVIVOR. (Between the two of us, we've lost 7 babies in 24 months.)
  11. You like the same movies I like.
  12. You're crafty.
  13. You are a fabulous hostess.
  14. You are honest.
  15. You are loyal.
  16. You let me do a LOT of talking.
  17. You cried for my babies as much as anyone.
  18. You faithfully read my blog.
  19. You love Cameron.
  20. You're a mom-of-a-boy (well, two), too!
  21. You are a ballerina.
  22. You have been to Europe.
  23. You will go back.
  24. You have so many interesting "chapters" to your first 30 years.
  25. You stand up for yourself.
  26. You are healthy.
  27. You saw something in me on the MC board, and said, "hey, let's be friends."

And we are (friends), and I love you for it. Happy 27, my dear. Home stretch!


Angela said...

That is so awesome.
My BFF from elementary school just had her first baby today, after several years of IVF and miscarriages. I am so over the moon for her!!!

Carolina Mama said...

Very nice. And guess what? You won my Giveaway! The TwinsJoy! Thankfully you have your friend to share with or who knows. :) Congratulations! Please let me know where to have it sent.

Sarah said...

This is so sweet. I would be happy to leave some goodies on your doorstep!

lalalady said...

Awwww....I am so blushing right now! And totally laughing - I love this list!! :) You are such a great friend. NOW I understand why you need my address again. I should have read the blog FIRST, right? :) I'm going to keep this post forever in my memory box. Thank you, M. :) Hugs, D.