Monday, December 15, 2008

Chapter Closed

Today is the last day of my insurance career.


How am I feeling about that? don't know.

I'm excited about finally being with my husband -- in the same house, same city, same time zone. I'm eager to flex my muscle at being home with Seth. For either of those things to happen, I have to give up my 9-5 (or rather, 8-4:30).

But, I have a little bit of nostalgia pulling on the heartstrings right now. I wasn't sure what to expect when I took this position in April of '04. But, it turns out, I'm was really good at what I did. I gained the respect of my coworkers and clients; I earned company awards; I was at the top of my game. And it was a great place to be. So to walk away from that does sting, just a little.

Not to mention that I've gone through some pretty major life changes while I've held this position. My corporate login will always contain my maiden name, because I was still single when I started the job.

Actually, that reminds me of a funny (albeit unprofessional) memory from my first day on the job. Allow me to digress for a moment:

I was newly engaged to Jim when I took this position. I was still in that I-don't-want-anything-to-get-on-my-shiny-new-ring stage. (Huh, what's that? I don't hardly remember...let me wipe the diaper cream off my wedding band to see if it jogs my memory...) Anyway, I was so concerned about looking the part for my first day that I forgot to put my ring back on after I finished styling my hair. I was almost to the office when I realized this. So... Ahem. I hate to admit this....But I called my dad, and asked if he'd retrieve my ring from the bathroom counter and bring it to my downtown office.

So, as I'm sitting in my VP's office about 8:30, getting my introductory paperwork completed, here he comes, strolling in. (I suppose I should explain this little detail -- my dad is an executive for one of my company's clients, so he kind of had an "in." He doesn't make a habit out of strolling into isurance agencies like he owns the place.) So, I introduced him to my supervisor and VP, and he gave me my ring, and we all got back to business. Looking back, I can't believe I had the gall to do that....but it makes me smile!

So, as I was saying. (I know, I know, you're like, "is she still talking?")

Stages. Single; newlywed; newlywed with unemployed husband; promotion; first home; promotion; miscarriage; high risk pregnancy; motherhood 101; promotion; miscarriage; and relocation to Tennessee. Wow! What a journey these last 4 years have been!

So maybe that gives a little credence to why I'm a little bit hesitant to walk away from this...not because I LOVE my job that much (though 95% of the time, I really do enjoy it), but because it's been a big part of my "adult" life, and it is blissfully familiar. Oh, how I do love to cling to all that is comfortable and familiar!!

But it's time to move on. I know that, and I'll embrace it.

So, starting tomorrow, I don't have to be anywhere at 8:00. I do have to be somewhere at noon: the day spa. Here's to the classic 180! Don't worry, this won't be the norm -- though I'd be the first to trade meeting with an underwriter for a mani-pedi. But alas, this is a one-time deal; I'm merely using up an expiring gift certificate (which, fittingly enough, was a baby shower gift from my coworkers!).

Hey -- if I am going to start a brand new chapter of my life, I may as well do it with a great haircut and tidy eyebrows!


Anonymous said...

You have come a long way on your journey as you have mentioned but you know what they say, "For every door that closes another will open". How exciting it is to begin a new chapter in your life. Take it from me the greatest challenge in life is the role of a full time Mom but it is the most rewarding. You have a great husband who supports you in every decision you make and a beautiful son who completes your family. Enjoy this new adventure. You will be great at your new role as a stay at home Mom.

phasejumper said...

Wow-that is a busy 4 years! I know you will be a wonderful SAHM! I only regret that I didn't get to see you when you lived in the same state...oh well, we always have the internet, mon ami......

amy (metz) walker said...

Wow, that has been quite the journey...enjoy the breather! And the tidy eyebrows! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with wrapping up this phase of your life. I recently left a 10 year career in HR to become a SAHM and this is more rewarding than I think any career would be. Enjoy all the time with your boy! Good luck with the move!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Now THAT is a great way to start this new phase of your life! Go to the spa! I love it, enjoy!

Valley Girl said...

What a fun time, new challenges, new adventures, new memories!

Kendra said...

I hope you really enjoy being a stay at home mom!! I think you should just take up blogging fulltime from 8- 4:30 =-)