Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Housekeeping "101"

So, as I'm making my way around the blogging world, I'm finding site after site that I want to keep handy in my sidebar.... but it was getting crowded. What to do?

I'm sure it (the sidebars) will need some more tweaking, but for now, the first thing to get the ax is my 101 list. But I wanted to keep it, so it's getting it's own post. Aw!

Here we go:

101 things in 1001 days
5/1/08 - 1/26/11
(In no particular order.)

Orange = completed.
Strikethrough = cancelled for one reason or another

Assemble Seth's scrapbook
Appoint guardians for Seth =(
Attend National Rally
Buy a spring form pan (thanks, Sara!)
Clean out closet at Mom and Dad's
Clean out Jim's closet
Clean out my closet

Compile a brand new 101 list
Convert cassettes to CD
Cook or bake 25 NEW recipes (7/18)
Coordinate keepsake boxes
Create a will
Dine at Rockwell's
Dine at Stella's
Fill at least one journal each year
Finish Harry Potter series
Finish wedding albums
Get a massage
Get a pedicure
Get DVR/TiVo
Go camping. In our tent
Hang curtains in guest room
Hang curtains in kitchen
Have a "girls' weekend"
Have a $500 show
Have a $750 show
Have a $1,000 show
Have another baby
Highlight my hair
Hold a garage sale
Host Christmas cookie bake-off
Install new garage shelving
Issue passport
Landscape around front porch
Landscape backyard
Learn how to sew. Again.
Learn how to use our camera
Learn Photoshop
Learn manual transmission
Learn to use Jim's calculator
Line linen closet shelves/drawers
Lose 10 lbs.
Lose another 10 lbs.
Mat and frame living room photos
Master a soufflé
Meet 5 "internet friends" (6/-)
Memorize a piano piece
Nurse Seth until...
Organize spice cabinet
Organize home office...and pack it up
Organize linen closet
Paint kitchen
Paint guest room
Paint master bedroom
Photograph Seth at 6 months
Photograph Seth at 9 months
Photograph Seth at 12 months
Plant a garden
Post 100+ blog entries
Purchase entertainment center...this may get nixed if we mount a flat screen...hmm
Purchase leather furniture
Purchase new master bedding
Purchase outdoor "flooring"
Purchase Toledo recycling bins
Put in new front walkway
Read 20 "non-Mommy" books (1/19)
Read my laptop manual
Read the entire Bible
Record story time for Seth
Replace shower doors
Remodel upstairs bathroom
Remove basketball goal
Reorganize kitchen cabinets
Replace all bed pillows
Replace calendar w/ dry erase
Repot Gordon (my oldest plant)
Reserve 3 boxes of GS cookies
Revisit Nashville, IN
See a dermatologist
Sing a duet with Heidi
Sing a duet with Steve or Shawn
Sing a solo
Streamline cooking magazines
Streamline parenting magazines
Submit writing for publication
Subscribe to Real Simple
Take down pool
Teach Seth 25 signs (ASL)
Throw Seth's first birthday party
Transfer files from old laptop
Use wedding quilt once a year
Vacation: California
Vacation: St. Augustine
Vacation with W's, B's, and P's
Visit Cedar Creek
Visit Daina and Jeff
Visit Daniel and Margie
Visit pumpkin patch


sassy seamstress said...

thanks for visiting my blog. your comment was so sweet. i enjoyed reading your "profile" and am so saddened about all your loses. However, that little boy of yours if just too cute and I'm sure he brings you more joy than you ever thought possible. I will pray that the Lord will soon bless you with his siblings.

Holly said...

Hi Monica! Thanks for visiting my blog! I didn't read your whole story, but I had several miscarriages too, before I had my oldest.
I didn't see anyone answer you about strikethrough...put < s > in front of the word(s) and < /s > immediately after (use no spaces, I just had to put spaces in there so it didn't confuse the computer)