Friday, December 19, 2008

Survivor: DTW - ATL - JAX

The trip went better than I could ever expected.

Well, except for sitting on the tarmac in Detroit for over an hour while they deiced the plane.

Or for getting to Atlanta in the heat of the lunch hour.

Or for the fact that I was wearing fleece when we landed in 81-degree Jacksonville.

Except for all that, it was a breeze.

Oh, I kid. I mean, all those things are true, but I was just trying to sound dramatic. Really, the trip made for a long day, but so many things happened along the way to make my life easier.

The lines for Delta air were a fraction of the length of the Northwest lines, so check in wasn't a hassle. Even though they had to search my bag and ask a gazillion questions about the inner workings of Dr. Brown's bottle, they were really nice about the whole process. And on both of my flights, I had an older, grandmotherly women next to me who was more than happy to hold and play with and entertain Seth.

And once we finally arrived in St. Augustine, we were greeted with love and hugs that had been stored up for 6+ months.

And after a good night's sleep (through the night, in a new place - yea!), we are up, fed, and ready to enjoy the day.

Hope you are all enjoying the company of those you love today.


Sarah said...

Enjoy the sunshine and when you come "home" to TN, bring it with you--supposed to be rainy, cloudy and yucky for the next few days!

Angela said...

Wow, that is amazing that he slept all night. GREAT! Hope you have a wonderful visit. Enjoy the weather. Here in Chattanooga it's weirdo weather. It's been raining for days and is now just cloudy. And 70. Weird.

Sara said...

I'm iced in my house right now. ICED. Enjoy your time with the FLA family! So glad the airports & flights went well!

Christy said...

You sure aren't missing anything here in Ohio... today we had temperatures in the upper 40's. The thermometer in my van actually said 51. Tomorrow it is supposed to be dropping down into the teens. Brrrr!!!

amy (metz) walker said...

Glad you made it and even better he slept all night! Yay!

Kendra said...

Praise GOD! That is all good news!!
Enjoy the's snowy here!