Thursday, December 18, 2008

Leavin' on a jet plane

Hey, interpeeps!

As you read this, I'm most likely on a plane or in an airport. Yea! Seth and I are headed to St. Augustine Thursday morning to spend the holidays with Nonna and Grandpa, Uncle Adam and Aunt Taylor, Uncle Andrew and Preston, GiGi Beamer, Tucker, Callie, Bailey...and a partridge in a pear tree!

Jim will join us late Sunday night, after he watches (live!) the Steelers whomp on the Titans...or visa versa, I guess. It should be a good game. Go Pittsburgh!

So, the bags are checked, Seth has been Benadryl-ed (so sue me -- the poor thing is teething; of course I knocked him out!), and I'm ready to hit the beaches. Seriously, weather reports are calling for temps in the high 70's while were in Florida! (I'm not complaining, but I will say that the news of heat threw a monkey wrench into my packing plans! Like I had anything summer clothes on hand for Seth!)

I've set some things to auto-post while I'm on vacation, so please don't stop stopping by! We're back in Ohio on the 26-27, and then home-sweet-Tennessee-home for good on the 28th. (Then, yes, Michele, I'll post pics of the house! Patience, patience!)


Christy said...

Have a wonderful Christmas. I have to say that I am a bit jealous that you will be some place warm.

The Nester is not really come to my house... only in my dreams! Windows and mantles intimidate me more than any other thing in my house. Oh, and also centerpieces for tables.

How fun that you and Sarah are going to get together!!! I will be praying for your upcoming move. Tennessee is such a GREAT place to live. Does this mean you will become a Titans fan now? I thought people here in Ohio were die hard fans... what until you see the people in Tennessee!!!

Anonymous said...

I too am jealous of those warm temps....

Have a great trip and enjoy the holiday!

Sara said...

So, you're telling me I should be crying now... ;) I hope you have a WONDERFUL time in FL & safest of trips! God's blessings on your travels!

Sarah said...

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family! Can't wait to meet you after the holidays!

Stacy D said...

Have so much fun in sunny Florida!

mandie lane said...

Safe travels, Monica! I don't judge the Benadryl-ing. We feed it to the dog like candy. Enjoy your time in Florida- we'll be on the opposite coast- and I think we're both very fortunate to spend the holiday in such beautiful locales with such beautiful baby boys!

My Titan fan husband may have a few words about that game. ;)

Anyway, have blessed Christmas with your family and Seth! See you in 2009!

Kendra said...

You are probably already in the air...but God is outside of time, so I am praying right now!!!
Merry Christmas - enjoy the sunshine =-)