Saturday, December 13, 2008


I recently shared my heart on an anonymous Beth Moore survey about self esteem. One of the things that really chips away at my self-esteem is my relationship with women. Specifically, girlfriends. Thankfully, I now have photographs like these to keep things in perspective for me:

At my shower, November 2007.

At Seth's party, December 2008

But, all those gals in those two pictures? They live in Ohio. And in a week, I will live in Tennessee. And I'm all for long-distance relationships, thanks to Blogger, AOL, and FaceBook.

Still, I have been praying HARD for a special friend to be put in my path as we move to Tennessee. And I started to get my hopes up as I realized just how many Nashville bloggers were out there. But the more I read, the more I began to see that the majority of Nashville bloggers (that I read) live south of the city...and we are north. And to live on opposite sides of the city may as well put you on opposite sides of the state, for all the practicality that offers a friendship.

So, when Christy at Between Here and Home visited my blog recently, and mentioned that her sister, also a blogger, lived in Nashville, I didn't think much of it. But then I actually went to visit her sister's blog, and found something interesting.

Sarah? At Nesting in Pleasant View? She's a NORTH Nashville blogger, y'all. A north Nashville blogger who lives pretty darn close to our new home.

Now, I know proximity means nothing if you don't like each other or have anything in common. But, so far, so good. Sarah and I have been emailing, and like each other's cyber-personalities, and the list of things we have in common is uncanny.

The least of which is this:
This ornament is on Sarah's Christmas tree. She said, "This Partridge in a Pear Tree ornament has hung on our tree since I was a baby. I think my parents got it when I turned one. It has survived everything from basement floods to moving."

This picture? Is NOT the same one, I promise. I took this picture today. Of the partridge in a pear tree ornament that is hanging on MY parents' Christmas tree. That has "hung on our tree since I was a baby."

It's minor. But to me, it's huge. It's a huge answer to prayer that God has already given me Sarah. Maybe we won't be best friends. Maybe we'll find out that the things we already know we have in common will be the ONLY things we'll ever have in common. But for now, it's enough. God is faithful, and He has answered my prayer for a special friend in Tennessee.

Sarah, I can't wait to meet you and Mike!


Sara said...

Her name is Sarah. She's GOT to be good people. :) I wish you luck with your growing friendship, but will miss you & Jim terribly when you leave.

Sarah said...

Hello my new friend! I just love your ornament!!! Your pictures of Seth are adorable.

Can't wait to meet you either!!!

Kendra said...

That is just SO great!!! It sure seems like Divine Intervention to me.
I know what you are feeling about moving...when we moved summer of 07 I was so shocked at how "shy" I had become. I had never moved before - same city from when I was born until 26- and I honestly didn't know how to "make friends", they had just always been there! But God was faithful to me too, and I am blessed.
I am also seriously blessed by bloggerfriends like you my dear! You are so sweet and funny, and you were on my heart A LOT while I was on vacation, so I said a lot of prayers for ya...hope everything is ok =-)