Sunday, December 14, 2008

366 - A year plus with our son

Dear Seth,

When Daddy and I were married, and began dreaming of the children we would be blessed with, never could we have imagined a blessing such as you.

You are independent.

From the eve of your birth, you let us all know you would like to do things your way, and that you would also exercise your right to change your mind.

But, as the clock rolled from 6:05 to 6:06 pm, and Dr. Gibbs pulled you from my womb, your independence was eternally forged with ours, and we became a family of three.

You are a legacy.

We chose your name, Seth, so that you would know always that you are a boy already touched by God. Seth was the name that Adam and Eve gave to their third son after their son Cain killed their son Abel (we'll go over that story in Sunday School). Seth was the son God gave them to restore their family after years of sadness and sin.

Our family, on all sides, has seen its share of both of these things. And I'm sure our family (you, Daddy, and me), will, too. But we have an advantage that the generations before you did not -- we know a heavenly Father who is with us every step of the way. And we trust that as you begin a new generation, you will grow into an upstanding man who will create a true legacy of greatness.

You are joyful.

You were smiling at Auntie Heidi in this picture, and you were just 11 weeks old. From very early on, you showed everyone who met you a sweet, gentle, happy, content spirit. As you grew, we learned to act quickly when you became fussy or upset -- it was so very rare, we knew your tears meant something was really wrong.

I pray you always stay so sweet, Seth. Life can be tough, little one. But is so much easier to swallow with a spoonful of "sugar," and it seems like you've got plenty, with some to spare.

You are content.

I know, I know. Mothers everywhere loathe me for this one reason: you are an exceptional sleeper. By the time I had to return to work when you were only eight weeks old, you were sleeping, for the most part, through the night. You don't realize -- and being a boy, you may never -- how big of a deal this is, and how much easier you have made our lives because of your ability to rest well.

May you always have a peace in your heart that allows you to pillow your head at night and sleep sweet dreams.

You are a friend.

This is you and Brady-boy, your first BFF. You two are a riot! You love Brady...and, really, you love pretty much everyone you meet. You are neither a mama's boy, nor a daddy's boy; you'll go to almost anyone who smiles at you, and I love that.

May you always be a sweet spirit who sees the best in everyone and loves to make others smile. I pray that you are a friend to the friend-less, and a loyal companion to all who choose to journey life's road with you.

You are unique.

When Uncle Daniel saw this picture of you, he said "This is my kinda boy. That's how we do it! I hope he's always unique and inspiring and creative in his approach." May you always have that je ne sais quoi about you that makes people take notice -- not so that they applaud you, sweet boy, but so that you can point them to the One who made you so great!

You are beautiful.

Let's just call a spade a spade, dude. You're a stud muffin. You are the best blend of your mommy and daddy (though I'm still waiting for you to get Daddy's curls!), and you are going to be a heart-breaker someday.

You are active.

Diaper changing isn't the easiest thing to do, when you won't hold still long enough to fasten the diaper tabs. You roll, you crawl, you bounce, you do whatever it takes to get where you want to go. We love that! We love that you are so determined and driven to go places. You are going to go to BIG places as you, grow, Seth! Keep on keepin' on!

You are all-out.

Oh my. You and the stairs. There was not an ounce of hesitation on your part the day you decided to conquer the stairs. And it wasn't just one. From the get go, you were all or nothing, going all the way to the top (in search of your bath, I know!). And you are the same way coming down. Even though your small-in-stature size makes it hard for you to scoot back down blindly, you are confident in the placement of your feet.

I trust that you will seek the wisdom and guidance of your Father as you make decisions as you grow, but that you will always have this boldness to you as you march through life. Go get 'em, buddy!

You are musical.

You sing in the shower, you sing in the tub, you sing in the just love your music. You have always bebopped to the beat, no matter in the living room or in church. As soon as a melody or a beat catches your attention -- you bust out a move. Get down with your bad self, dude!

I hope that this love of music continues. Whether you learn to play the piano like mommy or the trumpet like daddy...or whether you decide to move to the beat of an entirely different drum altogether, we'll sing your tune.

You are brave.

You didn't like the pumpkin patch at first. I'm not sure if it was the cold air, the wind, or being surrounded by things you'd never seen before, but you didn't throw a fit. You just held onto mommy and looked around until you had a handle on things.

And then you had a blast! I love that even at 9 months, you knew to trust that we wouldn't knowingly put you in a not-so-hot situation and that we only want the best for you. We promise, Seth, we'll always try to make the decisions that are in your best interest.

You are fun.

Enough said. You make us laugh and bring so much joy to our home. You are really starting to get a distinctive personality, and you are a riot! I hope that you always feel that it's better to smile than frown, to laugh than to whine. A smile looks so good on you! Keep us laughing, baby boy!

You are ONE.

Happy birthday, little one. We love you, and we are so blessed to be your mommy and daddy.


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet post. What a beautiful boy you have! Happy Birthday Seth!

Sara said...

That was lovely, Mon. I smiled the whole time I read it...and yes, teared up a little, too. :) I hope the rest of the party was a blast & I'm again sorry we had to leave early (believe me, it just got worse once we left. Oy.). Happy Birthday, Seth!

Brandi Bee said...

this was very special. Its amazing to hear a mother talk about a child. No matter what a child does in life...a mother always sees them in that special way. Thank God for the love of a mother!! Its like no other human love. I imagine God loves just like that.

Mrs. Frogster said...

Thanks for the smiles. Your little guy is precious and has so much love in his life!

phasejumper said...

Great post! Happy Birthday, Seth!

mandie lane said...

What a gorgeous, heartfelt, tear-inducing post, Monica. You are a wonderful mom and Seth is so, so blessed to have a mother who appreciates and cherishes him as you do!

Happy Birthday, S!

Kendra said...

So sweet!! I cried when I read the part about how you chose his precious.
What a blessing that handsome little boy is!!!

Valerie said...

I just cried at this post! It is so beautiful, and I hope he gets to read it some day and truly appreciate how much he is loved.

Smart Party of 5 said...

What a beautiful way to write this post! I enjoyed reading it!! Your blog is great!