Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beta, beta, bo, beta

I couldn't think of a more creative (or less cheesy) title.  My mind is still reeling a little from a phone call I received earlier today from my obgyn's office.

Last week, at 4w1d, I had a series of blood draws done.  I was approximately 15dpo (days past ovulation), but I'm guessing, based on my conception history, that I was closer to 12 or 13dpo.  Anyways.  I'd not heard from their office in the following days, so I assumed that all was well.

And then I received the following voicemail:

"Chicklet's Mommy?  This is Nurse from Doctor's office, and I need to speak with you regarding the results of your blood work.  Can you give me a call back at your earliest convenience."

Lovely, right?

So, I call back and tell the receptionist that I absolutley will hold while she finds Nurse, and in the meantime, sweat through my teeshirt.  Nurse gets on the phone all chipper, like usual, and says that I need to get her the phone number of a pharmacy (here, in Out of Town Land) so she can phone in a scrip for me ASAP.  I told her, "I'll be home Monday -- what's the rush?"

And then we do this awkward little dance where I want her to tell me what's wrong and she says "nothing is wrong" and I say "then why do I need this rx ASAP" and she says "Doctor just wants to be extra careful" and I say "why, what's wrong" and she says "nothing" and I say, calmly of course, "What were my betas" and she says "they were great!" and I say, calmly and sweetly of course, "BUT WHAT WERE THEY!!!!!????"

And in my head I'm thinking "over 30 over 30 over 30" (because that was what Chicklet's Brother's first draw was, and what I knew would be in the normal range).

Y'all wanna guess what my 15dpo beta was?


Yep.  If you want to know the real significance of those numbers, you can click here or here.

When I told the Chicklet's daddy what Nurse had said, he just laughed.  I have a feeling we may be doing a LOT of that in the coming weeks.

To be continued...

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