Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Meet My Peeps: V and Co.

Sigh.  I just heart her.


Here are just a few reasons, in no particular order, that I added her to my feed reader after just a quick look around her site:

Her header.  Something that bright and cheerful and whimsical and classic all at once had to be the product of an ultra creative domestic diva.

Her name.  Vanessa.  I just think that there is something romantic and beautiful about it.

Her photography.   She is so talented, and I love that she not only takes beautiful pictures for the sake of beauty, but that she uses them to teach.  For example, you can’t ask for a better step by step than this post on how to turn a $2 thrift store skirt into a dress.

Her profile blurb: According to V, she is “a mom of 4 who likes to quilt, sew, decorate, run my mouth, hang out with other women who can stand me, and organize the death out of anything.”

Her posting style.  Here are just a few examples of what you’ll find at her site:

Insert Witty Title Here – a quick, not-much-written-content-but-made-my-day kind of post

Things I Want To Try From Blogland – some great links to send you blog hopping on a dreary Monday morning

You May Call Him the Cow Whisperer – just pure blog gold

I will send you along to “bigger” home/decor/crafty bloggers over the course of my Meet My Peeps series, but I don’t know that I will link up to anybody else who I think is the whole package like Vanessa.  I hope you spend some time at her site, and enjoy her as much as I do.


Kelly said...

How cute! I love the cow post! I can tell I'm going to get totally addicted to this one!

V and Co. said...

dude you rock.
thanks for the uber nice compliments. one more thing i should add in my profile is that i'm certifiably crazy so if you can handle it...come and stay a while.
thanks for the link love, seriously thanks for all of it! ;)