Tuesday, September 15, 2009

If I get 100 followers, I’m gonna dye my hair

Well, okay, not really.  I’m dyeing my hair regardless of my followers.  What else is there to do on this rainy Tuesday afternoon?

I mean, there is that pesky To Do list, but that has things like “laundry” and “menu plan” and “tidy living room” on it.  I think dyeing my hair is a much better use of my time.

But speaking of my subscribed followers….have you noticed the number steadily growing?  I gained 95 and 96 just in the last week.  (Welcome, ladies!)  And that got me thinking….I should celebrate the 100th follower.  But how?

What do y’all think?  You are the ones who bother to stop by and read and comment.  What do YOU want to see/hear about?

Leave your suggestions in the comments, telling me to post pictures of something, or an ask-anything session, and when I get my 100th followers, I’ll honor your wishes, posting whatever it is YOU want!

In the meantime…..what do you think?


Can you tell the difference?


It doesn’t really show up, does it?  Oh, well.  I can tell, and I love it – just a hint redder and several shades darker.  Perfect for fall.

Anyways….I was talking about followers.  I’m ready to hit the triple digits, people!  So, think of what you want to see when it happens.  Hopefully, it’ll be soon!


Tina said...

You definitely CAN tell! I love the hint of red. You're right - so very perfect for fall! =)

savannahgirl said...

I can tell, it looks so pretty! Can't wait to see it IRL on Sunday :)

Sara said...

I can totally tell a difference! Love it!

Maybe have an "Ask Anything" post? I'm not on top of my game right now so that's all I got. :\

Jenn said...

Your hair looks great! Did your husband notice, or did you have to tell him? I dyed my hair once and need to do it again!

Valerie said...

Lookin' good! My hair is often dark with a hint of red when the sun hits.

I like the idea of the "Ask Anything" post. Now I have to think of some questions... ;)

Angela said...

Looks good!

I have 97 followers, and I have wondered if I'll do anything when I hit 100. LOL

Kelly said...

Love it! I like the idea of an Ask Anything post!

The O'Neils said...

I want to see the new hair!!! Miss you!

Crystal Theresa said...

pretty :)