Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nonna comes to the Big City

A picture is worth a thousand words.

But why choose one or the other? =)  Here comes an overdue post, chock full of details and photos, of Nonna’s visit to our humble little corner of Music City.


Agenda included an impromptu visit to the Gaylord Opryland Resort.  I hated that parking cost us $18 plus tax, but I’m glad I got to show my mom such a beautiful spot.  It was nice to show her one of our favorite places that really started to make Nashville feel like home to us last fall.  It’s where we took this picture, remember?

Nashville Tgiving

After the grandness of the Gaylord, we decided to stop in and see Jim.  We ended up with more than we bargained for, by getting a guided tour of the warehouse and a step-by-step look at what exactly it is that Jim’s company does.  (This was awesome for me, because I am always stumped when someone asks me what Jim does, and now I can answer so much more intelligently.)

Um…..imagine a picture here of a warehouse and a couple semi’s.   Sorry – I didn’t have the camera handy.

Then, a first for both Mom and me: lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.  Need I say more?  I’m not sure if I enjoyed the salad, the cake, or the company more.

choco rasp truf cc

After lunch, we headed back to the house to drop off our stuff, grab Seth’s swim bag, and then it was off to pick up the little man and head to the fountains for a little splash time.

aug - home craziness 030

I know I said “fountains” and “splash,” but let me tell you, even we were the ONLY people at the fountains that day, in true Seth fashion, he had more fun running around the quad and dancing near all the underground speakers blasting 60’s music.

Once we returned home, we unleashed the monster of Seth’s inner “Thomas lover.”  I mean, it was no secret that he loves anything he could turn into a choo-choo (remember this?), but show the boy the real Thomas the Train….?  Pure bliss.

You don’t think these two were happy to see each other, do you?

We were off the hook for planning dinner Thursday night, thanks to our small group providing food at Duncan’s tree planting.  That allowed for time to just enjoy the moment and having my mom present for such a significant event.  Plus, she got to meet her future granddaughter-in-law.  (And I know Beth and I joke about it, but seriously, how cool will this picture be if ever Seth and Presley do end up in a happily-ever-after?!)

aug - home craziness 019


Jim and I have attempted, a few times, to visit a Nashville landmark, and finally accomplished it, guest in tow!

aug - home craziness 047I’m glad we went; the food was good; but I don’t know that we’ll go back.  Even on a weekday morning, the wait was long, and, ahem, we (I) got a parking ticket.  Oh, well.   (It wasn’t a “real” ticket that goes on my record, but I’m still out $15.)

We shopped til we (just about) dropped, both for fun (yea, Opry Mills and great finds at Old Navy) and for food (why, oh why, did it take me 6 months to figure out that grocery shopping is SO much easier on mommy when Seth is in one of those kiddie car carts?!

Friday night, we gave Nonna the royal treatment with a night on the town.  We started out at B.B. King’s, and it was as good as the first time we ate there.  Yuuuuuuuum.  If you are looking for a downtown eatery with great atmosphere and reasonable prices, this is your place.  We were there almost 2 hours, and Seth didn’t fuss at all.  Something about the awesome music, I think!

Despite this first picture, he LOVED it!  I’ll have to upload the video of him signing along to “My Big Fat Girlfriend"!  It’s too funny.  I think he just like the contrast of the sound when he would plug and unplug his ears, because we are catching him doing this all the time now, when there is music playing.  He’s a goof.

aug - home craziness 054

Yes, we’re bad parents.  We let our toddler attempt to get the lime out of the empty Corona bottle.  And laughed until we about peed our pants watching his efforts.


A lazy morning followed by our first trip to the Nashville Farmer’s Market.  So.  Much.  Fun.  So much fun that I don’t have a single picture.  Not of the Ugliest Tomato contest, or of the hugest watermelon’s I’ve ever seen, or of the beautiful mums, or of the gorgeous eggplants we bought home…..but take my word, it was a great morning.

We decided to head down towards Vanderbilt and have lunch at the Mellow Mushroom.  YUMMY!  And how smart of mommy to pack Thomas and friends. ;)  How smart of Nonna to make a tunnel out of the drink menu?

Some time at the park later that afternoon replaced the ever-overrated nap:

aug - home craziness 076

aug - home craziness 084

aug - home craziness 073

Steak, grilled asparagus and fresh veggies out on the deck rounded out the day. About as close to perfect as a girl could ask for.

Sunday was a quiet day of worship, cooking, napping, chatting, and (sniff) packing.  Seth was a huge help – clearing enough room in Nonna’s carry on to accommodate him.  Don’t think that she didn’t seriously consider sneaking him on the plane!

aug - nonna visit 004

aug - nonna visit 006

Monday, we squeezed in as much fun as we could before heading to the airport.  Nonna got to see Seth in action at My Gym (and apparently, she took all the pictures of this), but if you need a visual reminder of how much he loves this place go here.

A run to Toys ‘R Us, and lunch at Chili’s:

aug - nonna visit 018


Seth took the cowardly way out of goodbye.

aug - nonna visit 019 Me?

I had to deal with the driving home from the airport in tears.

Nonna, we can’t wait for you to come back with Bop Bop and Bailey!  We love you!


Holly said...

What fun with Nonna! You guys did some neat things and I bet it was fun doing them together.

Sara said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm glad your mom got to come to visit for a few days & take in some awesome pieces of Nashville. Dang that Pancake Pantry anyways. ;)

Jessie Weaver said...

Monica, It looks like you had an amazing time! I always cry when I drop my mom at the airport too. It just STINKS to be so far away. Especially when you have a little one and need her all the much more!

You can park in a section of the Opry Mills lot and walk easily to the hotel without having to pay $18. It is near a really big rock and has a pathway to the hotel. We have never paid to park there.

Again, looks so much fun. And all the yummy food! I'm jealous! said...

awesome pics!!! how did you do the ones w/the collage?

Ms. Elaine said...

I did not realize you were in the Nashville area when I somehow linked to your blog. Yes you can park at Opry Mills and save the parking fee. The walk is nice and takes you by what used to be the Grizzly River Rampage. We do this all the time. I guess you have to be a local to know it.

Kelly said...

So cute! You're making me miss my momma even more than I already do!

Holley said...

Thanks for the fun look into your life and family! So sweet!!

Valerie said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! That picture of the family really shows how much Seth has grown. Glad you all had a nice visit with Nonna.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

What an awesome Nonna! I know y'all had a great time and WOW at the whirlwind Nashville tour! I hope she had a vacation on the calendar after her vacation!

What in the WORLD at that parking price??