Monday, September 28, 2009


News flash, Interpeeps.

Seth can now open a traditional doorknob.

Which is just great, because that is all we have in our home.  And it’s not like I ever kept a door shut to keep him out of things.


Anyone have an opinion on whether those Safety1st knob covers are worth it?


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Julianne can now reach door knobs but can't open them just yet. I'm sure it's coming. I haven't used the door knob covers yet but have several friends who did and said they worked well! Good luck!

Courtney said...

We have those doorknob covers on a few doors, and they definitely work. If he tries really hard, he can get the door open even with those on, but 99% of the time it slows him down just enough that he loses interest in whatever he was going after, and he gives up and walks away. Either that or I can hear him as he's messing with the doorknob cover and I can get to him before he breaks through. Works for us!!

Kate said...

I don't have them in my house...yet...but a friend of mine has them and they are good at keeping ME locked in the bedroom at night when I've stayed over. :-) I'd say they work!

Mrs. Frogster said...

Yes, they work! The door knob covers are so effective that sometimes I find myself struggling to open them myself!
WE absolutely had to get them for the kids' room so they won't leave the room at night or get into their bathroom.
All THREE of my kids are very talented with door knobs. :)
good luck!

Amy Yohe said...

Monica, we used the knob covers with Jaden, and they worked great! Much love, Amy

Jamie said...

They worked for my daughter. She is 5 and still doesn't open them but my son is 3 and he has been opening them since he was two. In fact if my daughter needs any safety device opened, she just asks my son. We had to install the hooks at the top of our doors about 5 feet up. Just the little ones where the hook slips into the hole. That worked great but they have figured out how to use something long to unlatch them but it takes them longer and I can usually catch them.

Sara said...

We have one on the basement door, but Z's been able to take it off for about a year. he leaves that one alone, but the one on the bathroom is forever gone. I think they're worth it & I'm not big on "child proofing."

Valerie said...

Uh oh. I hope we're still a bit away from that. Tessa tries turning the knobs now - but she doesn't get anywhere with them.

My brother has those knob covers on all of the doors in his house, and they worked well for some time. Of course, now my brilliant nephew is 3 1/2 and can get past any obstacles. ;)

Holly said...

Never tried the knob covers and I've always wondered if those things work!!