Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meet My Peeps: The Other Mama

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When I registered to go to BissDom’09 last Christmas, my only hopes for the conference were to stay motivated to keep up the blog writing, and to maybe feel like my degrees in literature and English weren’t going to waste.

I never expected to come away with a forever friend.  You know, the kind of person you click with instantly?  Who can live hundreds of miles away, and maybe you only see one another once a year, but it doesn’t matter?  The kind that you have makes-sense-to-only-the-two-of-you conversations with on Facebook chat in the middle of the night?

I found one of those, and her name is Hillary (aka The Other Mama), and if you aren’t reading her, you are missing out.


Sidebar: That photo?  We didn’t even know it was taken at BlissDom last year, but NOW it’s being used for advertising for the '10 BlissDom conference.  There we are: Hillary, The Other Mama; me, The Writer Chic (and my ever-present DayTimer); and Jessie, Vanderbilt Wife.

Pretty much anything you may want to know about Hillary, she fesses up here in her “About Me” intro post.

No matter what you like to find on a blog, you’ll pretty much find a little bit of everything at The Other Mama.

Want to know how to be an all-star kids clothing consigner?  She can help you here and here.

Need a foolproof dip recipe?  Here ya go.

Wondering what it’s like to be a room mother in your child’s preschool?  She’ll tell you like it is.

Want somebody to drive to your town and spend a day at the zoo with you?  She’s your girl.  (Well, she’s your girl if you’re me.  How lucky am I?)

Hillary is sweet, gracious, funny, grounded, wise, beautiful, friendly…I could go on all day listing her virtues.  But I figure you’ll take my word for it, go to her blog, start reading her regularly, and figure that all out for yourself.

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Sara said...

I'll have to go check her out! That's a great pic for advertising as well! :)

BTW - Only 2 more followers to go! How cool!

Valerie said...

Her bio is great! She seems like such a down to earth, genuine person. No wonder you two get along so well.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Am I dying and I don't know it?? :)
'Cause that was the best eulogy ever.

Seriously- thanks, Mon. All those things right back at you and more!
You are too good to me!