Saturday, September 12, 2009

Overdue Thanks

We were sweetly bombarded with well-wishes and gifts the week that Duncan was due, but between the tree planting and Nonna’s whirlwind trip to town, I was remiss in getting up some pictures and thank you’s that I wanted to.

To Sara:  Seth was initially thrilled with the wooden blocks….

blocks from sara

…until something more exciting showed up, like the garbage truck!


But never fear, he interest was soon recaptured:

blocks from sara 2

Thank you for the three-fold box.  The brownies disappeared lickety-split, the frame is on our nightstand, and now, there are always blocks strewn about my otherwise always spotless living room.


Holly said...

How nice!!!

Sara said...

LOL I'm glad he kinda likes them. ;) I let Zeke pick so it was either that or a light saber. :)